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Retargeting customers is essential when it comes to growing your business, bringing in more customers and scoring more purchases. But a lot of businesses don’t use retargeting.

If you’re planning on growing your business in 2020 and you’re not already retargeting customers, then it has to be on your marketing plan. This is one of those marketing activities that you can start right now, and if you do it right you could start seeing the results right away.

What is Customer Retargeting?

Retargeting customers is a way for you to keep your brand in the forefront of your customer’s mind once they’ve left your website.

A customer leaving your website without purchasing something doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t going to make a purchase, and retargeting is a way to help stimulate that purchase.

There are a number of ways that we can retarget customers, but some of those include using social ads, native advertisements and email advertising. The kind of retargeting you use depends on your brand and marketing plan. 

What Customers Can You Retarget?

Every business has many different types of customers, and not all of them are necessarily those who have purchased your products or services. There are a ton of types of customers that you can retarget, but these four are likely to bring you the most success:

People Who Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Do you know how often people fill up online shopping carts and don’t go through with the purchase? These are the most effective customers because not only are they interested in your product, but they’ve gone so far as to select things to purchase. Retarget away!

First Time Visitors

You won’t always get it on the first shot. Marketing theory tells us that we need seven touchpoints with a customer to make an actual sale, so if someone comes to your site and doesn’t make a purchase you’re just getting started. This is a great crowd to retarget.

Repeat Customers

Your repeat customers are loyal brand hypeman in the making. They’ve been by once or twice (or fifty times) and have thrown some money your way on multiple occasions and clearly like what you have. They’re a great crowd to reach out to and suggest a new product!

Recent Visitors

Recent visitors, not unlike first-time visitors, were attracted to your site for some reason or the other. They’ve visited once or twice but haven’t purchased anything, nor have they made a cart of items that they’re interested in purchasing. They’re interested and not ready to purchase which makes them perfect to start retargeting to? 

Do you have retargeting customers in your marketing plan? Share your experience in the comments below.

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