How Does Your Business Blog Make Money?

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I’m always harping on how your business needs a blog, how important content marketing is and how you should definitely be working on creating a great blog. But the one question I’m not answering is how does a business blog actually make you money?

That’s right, as a business owner you’re probably focusing on money-making opportunities that will allow you to grow your business into the business you want it to be. So you’re likely hesitating to take on any opportunity that can’t directly lead to that.

But fear not, today we’re going to get into the how of how your business blog can actually help you make money, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time and can instead focus on creating it! 

Your Business Blog Can Help Your Website Get Found

There you are struggling along to build an amazing website but your visitor count is a whopping zero. How disheartening! Blogging can fix that.

The influx of content to your website on a regular basis helps tell Google that your site is regularly being updated, it’s definitely still relevant and they should most certainly include it in their search. Which, in turn, helps your fans find your blog!

It Can Bring You Leads

Your business blog can be instrumental in bringing you great leads that can turn into great long-term customers or clients. It does this by effectively showcasing your businesses expertise and former work.

People searching for whatever it is you do can come across your comprehensive resources (ie. your blog) that tells them everything they need to know about how much of an expert you are in your field. This is golden when it comes to business development.

In fact, blogging can be an incredibly effective way for your company to get leads or demonstrating your skills to potentially interested parties. 

Finally, When Appropropriate, It Can Be Monetized

Ok, this isn’t relevant to every business blog. It’s not necessarily even relevant to most of the business blogs out there. But it is relevant to some. 

Where appropriate, you can monetize your business blog in other ways that are less direct than getting actual clients or making sales. Some possible monetization options include things like sponsorships, partnerships, affiliate marketing and even advertising. 

This is most appropriate where your blog is its own thing. Instead of being an extension of your services built to market them, it’s a comprehensive guide for those in your industry. For example, if you’re an accountant but you run a general buisness blog.


All-in-all, your business blog is a way for you to make money. And if you put the effort in, eventually it will pay off!

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