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I Just Launched a Brand New Blog, Here’s How I Did It

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I am a blogging addict. Seriously, blogging is one of my favorite things to do, which is probably why I do it for work. For me, my favorite topics include fashion, beauty, business, and lifestyle, and as a plus-size woman, I thought I would combine all of these into a brand new blog I called HelloTaee.

How You Launch a Brand New Blog

HelloTaee took me about two months to build and plan out. Truthfully, it’s essentially a re-branded version of a previous blog that I used to have called The Single Girl’s Guide to Real Adulting, but I really wanted to hone-in on my audience and build a brand I really cared about. So, I narrowed “adult life” down into “fat girl life.”

But instead of simply redirecting my old blog that had about 1,000 visitors a month, I wanted to build something completely new. So I threw out the old website (or, more accurately, unpublished it) and started from scratch. So here’s how I built it:

Decide on Your Concept

Picking your niche is essential. Everyone focused on the “most profitable” niche, but truthfully anything can be profitable if you do it correctly. What makes one blog stand out from another is how passionate you are about it. So, pick a niche that you love that’s big enough for you to fill a blog with content but narrow enough that it has a defined purpose.

Define Your Target Audience

With a niche, you need a target audience. And, for the record, “females between the ages of 25 and 45” is way too broad. Sure you can market to that audience, but as a marketer, I’ll tell you honestly you’ll reach a maximum limit.

That’s because your content can’t be for everyone, and if it’s built with no one specific in mind, there won’t be an apparent end game, and you won’t connect with anyone on the truly personal level you need to for a blog to grow. 

Set Up Your Blog

With your niche picked and your audience selected, you need to go about the practical steps of setting up your blog. I’m not going to go over them specifically because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on the subject. But if you’re curious, I used WordPress.

Build a Cache of Content 

I publish once per day on my blog. Chances are that’s too much for you, and honestly, no one expects you to do that. But you’ll want to publish enough times that you can be consistent and grow an audience.

Plan a Marketing Channel

You need to pick one marketing channel for you to focus one. I repeat, ONE, channel. Any more than that and you’ll be managing them all in a subpar way. For blogs a great one that’s often looked over is Pinterest. It drives a TON of traffic and is great for bloggers.

Set Up an Email List

Don’t wait to set up your email list. Do it now. There are a ton of free or cheap platforms that you can use to house your emails with, but start collecting now or you’ll definitely regret it later. 

Launch Your Blog

Finally, it’s launch time. So hit that publish button and start sharing.

How long does it take for you to get from the first to the last step? It really depends on you and how much work you’re putting in on a regular basis. For me, it took about two months. 

Have you recently launched a brand new blog? Share your tips in the comments below!

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