Is Blogging Really Dead?


I keep coming across these “marketing gurus” talking about how blogging is dead in their paid Facebook advertisements, and every time I do, I can’t help but roll my eyes. No, blogging isn’t dead.

There’s always something new and exciting out there in the world of marketing. Once upon a time, that was blogging. But more recently, it’s been the expanded use of social media for big corporations, podcasting (my personal favourite), the increased focus on stories, video marketing… and the list goes on. 

When it comes to marketing, content is still king. And the reason why blogging isn’t dead is that it’s still so useful! 

Is it the most prominent form of content marketing? Yes, for now. But probably not in the future. But even when something overtakes the blog, I suspect that it will still play an important role. 

So, why is blogging so important?

Search Engine Optimization

As it sits, search engines still prefer text-based content to crawl through. While Apple is notably testing an audio-based content search in their podcasting app, where their internal search engine can search for a topic inside of a podcast not just through the title and description, everywhere else still searches via text.

Blog content is valuable because search engines can crawl through it for words, phrases and topics, and can help point searchers in the right direction.

People Like Reading

Not everyone prefers blog content over other types, like say a video or podcast, but some do. And those some aren’t just one or two people. It’s a large number of people.  

Different situations call for different types of content consumption, and there’s still plenty of times where a blog post is more convenient to consume than other types of content. In fact, it seems like more and more people are not only writing blogs but also reading them.

Content Repurposing

One of the best things when it comes to content creation is repurposing your content so you can get more use out of it. Sometimes that means transcribing an audio or video-based piece of content. Other times, it means turning a blog post into an infographic.

However you repurpose your content, changes are blogging is a heavy part of that mix. And without it, you’ll likely lose out on some of your audience. Depending on how long you’ve been blogging, this might be a large chunk of your audience.

Does the Heavy Lifting

A lot of content pieces, especially in the social media world, are tiny itty-bitty pieces of content. Small things that people can consume on the go. And while that’s great to have in your mix, blogging provides something more substantial.

It’s really hard to create a “how to” guide in a 30-second Instagram video or with 240 characters. Blogging gives you the opportunity to put together small tidbits of information into a larger piece.

Blogging is Definitely Still Important

I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, blogging isn’t dead yet. It’s still a valuable, substantial way to provide information to your audience. 

Do you think blogging is dead? Share your thoughts below!

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