unproductive tasks

We talk a lot about how to hack your productivity, but rarely do we talk about unproductive tasks that are hurting our workflow. Yet, one of the ways to become more productive is to avoid doing those tasks that are hindering you while picking up a few more productive habits.

With that in mind, there are four incredibly unproductive tasks that we regularly undertake that is seriously hurting not only our workflow but the quality of our products.


Yes, multitasking is a great way to get nothing done. It’s by far one of the most unproductive tasks that anyone can undertake. 

Depending on who you are, things, like listening to music or having the hum of a radio in the background, can be productive. But what’s not productive is flipping from project to project and trying to get everything done all at once.

Multitasking is a sure-fire way to ensure that all of your projects remain either undone or mediocre.

Neglecting Yourself

Your mental and physical health is incredibly important to your productivity, and neglecting it is one of those unproductive tasks that can really bog down your business and work.

When it comes to taking care of your business, that needs to include taking care of yourself. Don’t neglect your health trying to rush to the top!

Packing Your Schedule

One of the big unproductive tasks that entrepreneurs take on, especially the new ones, is packing your schedule too tightly. 

Saying yes to everything isn’t the best way to get your business on the map. Especially if you’re saying yes to the wrong things. One of the big entrepreneurial tasks is to overload your schedule.

If you’re aiming to be productive, carefully evaluate the projects you take on.

Not Setting Goals

Having no goals is a big problem. When it comes to unproductive tasks, the tasks with no goals are the worst! It’s hard to grow if you have nowhere to go. 

Goal setting is an essential part of business, and it’s important that you integrate it into your process. I’ve definitely made the mistake of working goal-less in the past and it hasn’t gone well.

Doubting Yourself

You can do it—whatever it is that you’re doubting yourself over, you can do it! But one of the most unproductive tasks you can undertake is self-doubt. It’s really weighing you down.

Self-doubt is something that really drags you down when you’re trying to get things done. It’s a toxic way to operate a business and can really hurt not only your personal productivity, but the overall of your brand. 

While we all experience self doubt every once in a while, we need to be careful about not letting it ruin our awesome work!

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