6 Tips to Be More Productive This Summer as an Entrepreneur

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If you’re a solopreneur or simply the boss, the summer can be a tad bit more challenging on the productivity side of things. The summer air is warm, the water is calling—so here are some ways you can be more productive this summer.

Spend Time Outside

The big problem with summer being here and you having control over your schedule is that you want to spend time outside in the sun. Who wants to work behind a computer when you can be outside enjoying the beautiful weather? 

So don’t! Seriously, one great way to enjoy the summer and stay productive is to take your work outside. Admittedly, laptops can be challenging to take outside in the high sun because it can be hard to see, but chances are there are sections of your work you can take outside.

Personally, I’ll take a pad of paper and my phone outside and do my scheduling, planning and idea generation outside in the sun. That extra Vitamin D is a great way for me to be more productive!

Plan Your Time Off

If you want to be more productive, you absolutely need to plan your time off. If you don’t have planned vacation, chances are you’ll end up going off the rails (I know I do). 

I try to make sure to plan time off on a weekly basis, depending on my schedule. Some weeks that means an afternoon here and on there, others that means taking a full weekend off!

Break Up Your Work Day

If you don’t have any specific things you can do working outside, then perhaps your solution is to break up your workday to ensure that you have a bit of outdoor time. 

I break up my day by scheduling two-to-three long walks. Not only does this help me be more productive, but it helps me deal with anxiety—which is something that can be particularly bad as a solopreneur!

Stay Flexible

It’s Ok to go-with-the-flow. Sometimes, if you want to be more productive it’s helpful to stay flexible. If you find yourself dying to go outside and you simply can’t concentrate, you need to leave a little flexibility in your schedule. Just don’t be too flexible!

Schedule Email Time

Don’t answer emails all willy-nilly when they come in. Admittedly, I’m really bad for this, and I can tell you that it is definitely not a great way to be more productive. 

If you want to boost your productivity, a great practice is to schedule specific email reviewing time so you’re not bouncing in-and-out of your inbox. Every time you switch a task it takes time out of your schedule. So set specific email times, and don’t take forever to respond!

Plan Your Week

This is going to seem like a contradiction of the “stay flexible” advice earlier, but you seriously do need to plan your week if you want to be more productive. 

Planning your week doesn’t mean a vigorous schedule (unless that works for you), it means having an idea of what you’re going to get done when you’re going to do it, and sticking to that plan!

Do you have tips on how to be more productive? Share them in the comments below.

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