summer small business ideas

Itching to get something started and have a few hours free for the next few months? We’ve got some seasonal summer small business ideas for you to consider!

Guided Walking Tours

Summer is a great time to wander around and get to know the city you live in, but not everyone knows where to go. If you’re looking for great seasonal summer small business ideas, consider starting guided walking tours in your city. Bonus points if they’re ghost tours, mostly because those are my favorite kind to go on.

Lawn Care

Summer means it’s time to take care of your lawn—but a lot of people have busy schedules or simply don’t want to do their own lawn care. If you’re on the hunt for a summer business idea and you like spending time outside then a lawn care business might be up your alley.

House Painting

Warm weather means it’s the perfect time of year to start sprucing up the outside of the house. If you’re looking for summer small business ideas and you like painting (and are good at it), then house painting might be the ideal gig for you!

Food Truck

Assuming you can cook and have access to (or the funds for) the things needed to start a food truck, then it’s a great small business idea. This is especially good if you’re in a place where a ton of people spend time outside or there’s a business core where people frequently purchase lunch and eat it outside in the summer!

Hiking Guide

If you fancy yourself an expert outdoorsman (or woman) and know the hiking trails around your home inside and out, then one of the best summer small business ideas for you is hiking guide. Spend time outdoors and help people get to know the amazing hiking options around.

Ice Cream Sales

Running an ice cream cart is perfect during the summer. Especially if you’re in an are where you have access to a beach where prime sales take place (I assume, mostly because I personally love buying ice cream at the beach).

Pool Maintenance

A small pool maintenance shop is one of the best seasonal summer small business ideas for locations that have a lot of pool ownership. A few hours out in the sun a day and you’ve got yourself an income!

Home Rental

Renting your house out on a rental platform is a great summer business idea, especially if you live in a town with a high tourist population. Even if you have an extra space that you can lend out, you can definitely get another income stream.

Water Sports Rental

If you’re looking for summer small business ideas and have access to water and water sports equipment (or the funds to get it), then a small water sports rental operation might be a great idea for you.

Do you have favorite seasonal summer small business ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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