Online Small Business Opportunities for 2019

Small Business Opportunities for 2019

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to fulfill your 2019 goal of becoming a small online business owner (and haven’t foregone your New Years Resolution yet), then you might be looking for a great idea to get you started. If that’s the case for you, here are the online small business opportunities for 2019 that are trending, up-and-coming, and growing:

Freelancing & Consulting

I’ve decided to put these two together because we’ve talked about them previously, they’re kind of the same thing and everyone who knows about them. Even so, they’re still very viable small online business opportunities if you’re looking for one!

App Development

There’s an app for that — and you could be making it! App development is still a growing small online business platform, so if you have the skills and idea go for it. Or, contract yourself to a company who has their own idea if you have the skill.

Course Creation

Online courses are a thing of the now and the future. And as much as people still turn to traditional universities to learn the fundamentals, there’s no Knitting 101 to be found there. If you have a skill and would love to teach it, course creation might be a great online gig for you!

Virtual Personal Assistant

Like freelancing and consulting, and sometimes considered in the same category as them, being a virtual personal assistant is a great small online business idea. Whether your expertise is assisting with social media, doing data entry or booking flights, chances are there’s someone out there that could use your help.

Social Media Management

If you fancy yourself a social media expert, then a social media management company might be the perfect small online business for you. Many small companies are looking for people who can help them grow and increase their visibility on social media.

Graphic Design

Graphics are becoming increasingly important as the internet continues to grow as a more visual and interactive platform. If you have graphic design skills and a bit of free time you’re well on your way to making a small online business. If you don’t, there are plenty of classes that will teach you how to master the skill.

Vacation Rental

You can find almost anything online these days, including great deals on vacation rentals. If you happen to have a space available to rent out, consider turning it into a small online business.

Tour Guide

Travel is where it’s at, just ask all the travel bloggers out there! If your city sees a lot of tourists than making a little travel company of your own might be in the cards. While this is largely an in-person venture, you could consider this as an online endeavor by offering something like a self-guided narrated tour. Maybe find yourself a partner who’s starting an app development business and make it happen!

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription box services make a ton of money, those that are successful anyway. And it make sense — they have a steady income based on their regular users and can get bulk items at a lesser or non-existent cost. This isn’t a type of business I have a lot of knowledge of, but it’s definitely an area I’ll be looking at more this year.

Web Development and/or SEO

Nowadays every company has an online space, and they want that online space to be searchable and show up on the front page of Google. That’s where hiring a good web developer and search engine optimization expert comes in.


Business and life coaches are popping out left-right-and-center, and while I’m not sure how I personally feel about them, other people seem to love them. There are coaches for everything — looking to grow your business? Need assistance planning your life and growing your career? Wanting to get deeper in your spirituality? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a coach for that.

Got a better idea that you’re willing to share? Drop it in the comments below!

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