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Here’s Why a Social Media Vacation is Great for Your Business

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As small business owners, we spend a lot of time on social media. We’re out there hustling trying to interact with our audience, grow our brand and make a big splash. But as much opportunity as social media gives small businesses, it can really hurt them as well. If you find yourself distracted or deflated, it might be time to take a little social media vacation.

Social Media Can Be Distracting

One of the biggest downfalls of social media is that it can be incredibly distracting. You are constantly being bombarded with the curated version of other people’s lives showing you what you should be doing and how you should be living. And this can be detrimental to your small business.

If you find yourself spending way too much time flipping through other people’s photos on Instagram then it might be time to take a social media vacation. Being bombarded with that much information and other people’s ideas of how things should be done can hurt the bottom line of your business by distracting you from what you should be doing.

Social Media Reinforces The Idea That You’re Not Good Enough

Social media can also be detrimental to your small business by telling you that you’re not good enough. Likewise, it seemingly reinforces this idea that you’re not doing it right. That you should be following someone else’s plan or idea of how your business needs to run.

And let me tell you, no business owner needs to hear that. Seriously! Your journey is completely different from another business owner’s journey, and trying to copy someone else’s plan is not going to work well for you. You are different from them and your journey needs to remain different.

It Can Throw Your Productivity Off Track

Your productivity is incredibly important to growing your business and social media can throw you into this idea that you’re not doing it right, and that throws all of your motivation and productivity off. So, when it comes to avoiding this, a social media vacation might be in order. 

When it comes to being a small business owner, you need to keep yourself on track. And you can totally do this, but social media might hinder your ability to do so. So, keep yourself on track by taking a social media break.

How to Take a Social Media Vacation

Are you ready to take a little social media vacation? Here are some quick tips for how you can do that:

  • Set a date and time in your calendar
  • Turn off your phone, log off your computer or block those pesky social media sites for a limited time
  • Make it a regular occurrence

Having a break from social media can be great for your business. Make sure you take time for yourself and get things straight!

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