crazy things people do to save money

Almost everyone wants to save a little bit of money here and there, but some people LOVE saving money. They love it so much that they do some really weird things to save it. So I’ve decided to share some of the crazy things that people do to save money.  

Without further ado, Let’s talk about here are some of the crazy things people do to save money:

Unplug Everything

You might not realize but you’re still paying for power when you’re not using your devices if they’re plugged in, whether they’re charging or not. That means that all of the things in your house are still costing you money while they’re not in use—to the tune of 10% of your bill according to the Department of Energy.

If you’re looking for crazy things people do to save money, you need not look further than the outlets in your house. If you’re looking to save money, start unplugging your devices. Truthfully, I actually do this myself. Not on a daily basis, but when I’m headed out of town I unplug everything in my house save for things that need to be plugged in like the fridge.

Dumpster Dive

A lot of fruits, vegetables and other food-related items are thrown out before they’re actually bad. We have pretty weak stomaches here in North America so we end up throwing things out when they “look bad” and most households waste thousands of dollars in food waste per year.

One of the craziest things I’ve seen someone to do save money is pick vegetables and other food items out of the trash. I used to have a friend who worked for a green waste company and they would save all of the food that was still good, take it home and cook with it!

Use the Freezer

A freezer is there to make sure that you can save certain food items for a longer period of time by freezing them. But one of the crazy things people do to save money is free non-food-related items to save them.

Specifically beauty products like lip chap and nail polish. And while this might work for some items, I will give a warning that it’s not a foolproof trick. Freezing some of your favorite beauty items could actually compromise their integrity.

Freezing Your Credit Card

Speaking of using your freezer, one of the craziest things that people do to save money is to freeze their credit cards. While a lot of people talk about this and it’s the butt of some Hollywood films, there are a number of people out there that can add this to the crazy things people do to save money list that they’ve participated in.

The idea behind it is that you save money because you can’t use your credit card. The downside is that with technology today, you’ll need to delete all of your credit card information off your computer and apps!

There are a lot of crazy things that people do to save money, what is your favorite one?

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