what to delegate

Are you ready to start handing off your tasks to an assistant but not sure what tasks to delegate to an assistant?

Delegation can be a great way to take back your time and get more work done than you normally would in a day. There are only so many things you can do, but with a little extra help, your output can increase without you having to put in additional hours.

But what to delegate? I’ve got a few ideas:

Delegate Late Payments

Are clients behind with their bill payments? Procuring late payments from clients and customers can be a taxing task. It takes time, patience and persistence. And let’s be honest, you probably don’t have the extra time.

Delegating your late payments to an assistant can be a great task to get off your plate. Because while it’s time-consuming it is still something that needs to get done.

Take Email Responses Off Your Plate

If you’re anything like me, you get a ton of emails in a day. With that many emails to respond to, responses can often be later than you’d like them to be.

But delegating a task like everyday email responses, especially with regularly occurring emails, can be a serious time saver.

Set Up Appointments

Appointment scheduling, whether personal or business, can be quite time-consuming. The back and forth just to find the right time and place can even be maddening at times.

Give your assistant a list of appointments to set up, give them access to your calendar and let them go crazy! It’ll save you time, so you can get some more pressing items on your list done.

Data Entry

Data entry is often a tedious task, which makes it great to delegate to an assistant. While typically fairly easy to handle, it often takes way more time than you have to dedicate to it.

Take your time back by handing off your easy to handle (or more complex) data entry tasks to a competent assistant.

Make Travel Arrangements

If you travel for business, then delegating the planning and booking of your travel arrangements is a great idea. Making travel arrangements, while important, can be time-consuming. But any good assistant can handle them with ease.

Delegate your travel arrangements to save the time that goes along with them. Just make sure to provide all the accurate information that your assistant will need to book them correctly.

What do you delegate to your assistant to make life easier?

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