It’s the year of people figuring out how to sustain their own lives financially without having to rely on big companies. People want to figure out how they can make money on their own, but oftentimes they’re not sure how to do it.

Many times being indecisive means that prospective business owners delay their start up dats way longer than necessary. They know they can offer something they just aren’t always sure what exactly that is.


What are you an expert on and can you share that valuable knowledge with other people who are looking for it?

Consultants can specialize in pretty much anything from marketing to productivity. If someone needs it and you know it, it’s a potential outlet for some extra cash.

To be a consultant, you really do need to know your stuff. So, it helps to figure out what your best at and how you can package it. While everything can be sold in a consulting matter, you’ll want to be specific about what you want to offer. 

Paid Course

Are you a great teacher?

I don’t necessarily mean in the way of someone that traditionally teaches in a school, but simply someone who’s good at sharing knowledge.

If that sounds like you, then paid courses might be the way to go for you. What I love about paid courses is that they’re easy to put together and low-cost if you do them on your own.

Of course you can hire people to help, but if you’re looking for a lower cost option then the DIY route is probably your best bet. The best thing about this option is that you can teach pretty much anything your heart desires, so long as you find the right audience for it. 


In between consulting on a one-on-one basis and putting together an actual paid course, an eBook can be made and sold fairly easily. 

With eBooks, you do need to be an expert in the area. But unlike courses, you can simply write down what you know and sell it. 

Ebooks can be created quickly and simply. You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer or the best writer in the business to produce an elegant and usable eBook. But you do need to be sure to combine your expertise into an actionable format that can be useful to your audience.

Then, you need to figure out how to best sell your eBook. Because an eBook with no audience is not going to be very profitable for you. 

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