5 Jokes that Turned Into Business Ventures

Sometimes the best business ideas are lighthearted and funny. These five jokes turned into business ventures will inspire you to infuse a little comedy into your startup’s marketing strategy. 

5 Jokes that Turned into Business Ventures


Do you remember the doge meme that was popular back in 2013? It featured a Shiba Inu with intentionally misspelled messages around it in Comic Sans font. 

Two software engineers named Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer thought the meme was so funny that they decided to launch a cryptocurrency based on it. 

It’s called dogecoin and has turned into one of the top ten cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $9.1 billion despite starting as a joke. So don’t discount your off-the-wall business ideas—they could become the next big thing. 

Potato Parcel 

Another joke that turned in a business is Potato Parcel. It’s a service that allows you to mail a potato with a custom message printed on it to friends and family. 

Alex Craig launched the company in 2015 and got $2,000 in orders the first day the website went live. 

In just a few months, the company was doing $10,000 per month in revenue. Alex even went on Shark Tank with his business partner Riad Bekhit and got a $50,000 investment from Kevin O’Leary. 

Today Riad owns the business by himself and is making six figures in annual profit. Who knew you could make that much money just by printing funny messages on potatoes? 

Ship Your Enemies Glitter 

Ship Your Enemies Glitter was started by Matt Carpenter in 2015 as a joke. The 22-year-old SEO expert set up the website to flex his marketing skills but never expected it to go viral. 

Major publications like Time, TechCrunch, and Huffington Post wrote about the company. Matt collected thousands of dollars worth of orders before getting overwhelmed and selling the company for $85,000

Ship Your Enemies Glitter is still in operation today. So if you want to ship your frenemies a gag gift like a big envelope full of glitter or a fake gift card, you can.

Angry Birds 

Angry Birds is a hugely successful app that has garnered millions of downloads and was even turned into a movie. The studio that developed it got the idea from a funny screenshot they saw online of a bird that looked mad.  

The studio had several other games in development, so they weren’t looking for a new idea. But they knew they had to prioritize Angry Birds because the concept was so hilarious, and it turned out to be a big hit. 

Pet Rock 

You’ve probably heard of pet rocks and maybe even owned one as a kid. Gary Dahl was inspired to start the company in 1975 after talking to his friends about their pets. They all complained that their dogs were disobedient and taking care of them was expensive and time-consuming. 

As a joke, Gary said that rocks would be the perfect companion because you don’t have to walk them or feed them. He later decided to turn the idea into a business and sold the rocks for $4 with an instruction manual full of puns. 

The genius thing about Gary’s business was that the rocks were nearly free, so his profit margins were high. During just one Christmas season, he made over a million dollars in revenue. 

His product was so successful that it became a household name, and people still talk about it today. 

People love to laugh and share funny things with their friends, which is jokes that turned into business ventures like Potato Parcel and Angry Birds have become so successful. So who knows—if you turn a joke into a business, it might just go viral on the internet and become the next big thing!

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