There are a lot of benefits when you work remotely. Everything from being able to take meetings in your PJs to hanging out with your dog at lunch, those with no commutes really are living the dream. But it’s not all fun-and-games, here are a few tips for working from home to make sure you have productive days!

Tips for Working from Home

There are plenty of tips for working from home out there, but these seven are the ones that work best for me. From having a workspace to setting a schedule, there’s plenty of ways you can make your day better.

Tip #1 Set a Schedule

When it comes to tips for working at home, my biggest one is to set an actual schedule for yourself. It seems great to work whenever you want, but speaking from experience it doesn’t work. So, decide what you’re going to do and when.

Tip #2 Create a Dedicated Workspace

You can’t work on your kitchen counter or table. I know because for a whole year I tried. You really do need a dedicated workspace when it comes to working from home. We live in a small apartment so mine is technically in the “den” which is a little cut out from the living room but it works.

Tip #3 Take a Break and Step Away

If you’re looking for tips for working from home, don’t take a break that consists of playing at your computer. That’s not going to be productive in the long run. Actually step away from your desk and take a real break. I have pre-scheduled walk times for my days, that way I know I’m removing myself from my working environment and actually resting. 

Tip #4 Work When You Work Best

Don’t force yourself to answer phone calls at 6 am or take your lunch break at exactly 12 if that really doesn’t work for you. When you’re working from home, you need to work when you work best. That will be the best way for you to be most productive. 

Tip #5 Don’t Multitask

Multitasking doesn’t work no matter where you are, but at home, it’s super tempting to do. When it comes to the best tips for working from home, I recommend that you don’t multitask. Most of us won’t be successful with it. 

Tip #6 Plan Your Day

One of the best tips for working from home that actually works for me is planning the day. Not only set a schedule, but plan goals and targets you’re going to hit. You can be super successful in your work from home environment, so long as you properly plan. 

Tips #7 Create a System

Finally, systems are important. When you’re working from home, you need to create a system that works for you. Use your technology and personal workflow to make a system that actually works for you. 

What are your tips for working from home? Share them in the comments below!

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