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These 8 Countries Offer Unbelievable Incentives for You to Move There

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If you dream of a life abroad but are worried about how you can afford it, there could be an answer. Several countries actively seek new residents, offering financial perks and other benefits to make relocation more attractive. Here’s a glimpse into eight countries that want you to come and live in:


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While popular cities like Rome and Florence don’t have to worry about their population, Italy has several charming towns facing declining residents. Candela, in Puglia, and Locana, in Piedmont, have houses for sale that are as low as 1 Euro. While the fee for the houses seems unbelievable, there are requirements to renovate the homes to a decent standard. The renovation fees will be significant, but they can work out a lot lower than it would to buy a home that requires no work, as the average in Piedmont is €1,095,837. 


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Spain is another European country actively seeking to revitalize certain areas by attracting new residents. Worried about their population and wanting, certain villages in Spain are luring newcomers with affordable housing to carry on the town’s legacy. Cabanes de Berrueco in Madrid and Ponga in Asturias offer houses for a fraction of the market price, expecting residents to contribute to the local economy. In Ponga, a grant of 3,000 euros is being offered to people who settle in the village, and a further 3,000 euros will be given to every child born there. 


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If you want to settle in a mountain paradise, Albinen, a small village in Switzerland, has offered homes for just 1 franc. The nominal fee is in exchange for a commitment to renovate and live there for at least ten years. This particular program may be closed to offers, but the Swiss authorities regularly have other initiatives in Switzerland offering financial incentives for relocation to specific regions. The latest Swiss town to offer incentives for people to settle is Gambarogno. The town advertised their “rustic” stone houses that needed extensive renovation for a small fee of 1 franc. For people who want to live in a remote part of the world at a bargain price, Gambarogno could be a good option. 


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The town of Legrand in northern Croatia is known for offering houses for a symbolic price of 1 kuna, roughly equivalent to 13 cents USD. While the houses are cheap to acquire, they’re often in disrepair and require significant renovations to be habitable, although they can apply for a 25,000 kuna ( $3,581.24) grant. Buyers need approval for renovation plans from the local council and may be required to remain in the area for several years. 


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To combat population decline in rural areas, Japan has offered subsidies for relocation to these areas. The national government offers financial aid to encourage people to move from densely populated urban areas like Tokyo to less populated rural regions. This subsidy can be a significant sum, especially for families with children. Additionally, some towns provide financial support for starting businesses and cover moving costs, often up to 5 million Japanese Yen ($32,618.34). There are, however, conditions to set up a business or get a job in the area, and you must stay for a minimum of 5 years. 

South Korea

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South Korea offers programs for English teachers with financial aid and visa assistance to attract young foreigners and boost its demographic balance. This can be a great way to experience Korean culture while earning a living. Many programs require a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification and specific eligibility requirements.


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The competition for talented teachers is fierce globally. By offering housing assistance, Thailand makes its packages more enticing, particularly for those coming from countries with a higher cost of living. Thailand, the “Land of Smiles,” welcomes English teachers with attractive packages that include work visas, health insurance, and sometimes even subsidized housing. Like South Korea, teaching English in Thailand can enhance your resume and open doors for future career opportunities. The central location in Southeast Asia makes it a fantastic base for exploring neighboring countries.


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Following a similar trend to Thailand and Korea, Vietnam is actively seeking foreign English teachers. Programs typically cover work visas, airfare, and sometimes even TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification assistance. For those worrying about housing, some schemes support finding a house and funding your stay. Incentives are desirable in rural areas with a need for more English teachers.  


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Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) offer pathways to permanent residency for skilled workers in various industries. While not a direct financial incentive, these programs can streamline immigration for those seeking to build a life in Canada. PNPs often encourage settlement in specific areas within a province. This can help with integration by connecting newcomers with local resources and communities.