5 High-Paying Side Hustles Atlanta

Last year, Atlanta had the second-highest inflation rate in the country. The cost of everything from gas to groceries to rent increased substantially. If you’re feeling like your salary just doesn’t go as far as it used to, it may be time to get a side hustle. That way you’re able to live comfortably now while setting aside some money for the future.

Luckily Atlanta has a thriving gig economy and is a great place to earn some extra cash. Here are 5 high-paying side hustles in Atlanta you should consider pursuing.

High-Paying Side Hustles in Atlanta

Lease Your Home to Film Production Companies

Atlanta isn’t called the Hollywood of the South for nothing! Many movies and TV shows are filmed in the city, which gives homeowners an opportunity to make money by renting their homes to film production companies. Filmmakers often use regular, residential homes as filming locations and often pay homeowners thousands of dollars per shoot.

The Georgia government has a database of homes that are registered film locations called GA Reel Scout. You can submit your home for consideration by uploading clear photos of your home’s unique features to the submission form. Once your home is accepted, production companies will reach out to you if they’re interested in leasing your home.

Become a Movie Extra

Put your acting skills to the test and become a movie extra! All the movies and TV shows filming in the Atlanta area need extras to stand around and fill out their set. You may not even have any lines, making this a pretty easy side gig. Pay varies, but you can often make $100 to $200 per shoot or more. Usually, you’ll get better opportunities as you gain experience and build your background acting portfolio. You can find gigs on websites like Central Casting and Backstage.com.

Help Train Doctors as a Standardized Patient

Universities in the area such as Emory also need standardized patients to help their medical students practice. A standardized patient pretends to have a certain malady so doctors-in-training can test out their diagnostic skills and bedside manner. If you’re comfortable undergoing a patient exam and flexing your acting muscles, you can earn about $19 per hour as a standardized patient. You can usually find these gigs by searching on local universities’ websites.

Charge Scooters

If you have your own vehicle, you can drive around Atlanta at night and collect scooters to charge overnight. Companies like Bird need contractors to recharge their scooters so they’re ready for customers to ride the next day. You can usually earn $5 to $20 for each scooter you collect, charge, and return to its parking spot, which isn’t bad considering how easy this side hustle is!

Rent Your Car

If you want to earn money from your vehicle in a more hands-off way, consider renting it out on Turo. It’s a car-sharing marketplace that’s sort of like the Airbnb of car rentals. You set the daily rate you want to earn for renting out your car (depending on the make and model of your vehicle, $60 to $200 per day is a reasonable ask) and customers reach out to you if they want to lease your ride.

Then all you have to do is drop your car off at a central location like the airport or deliver it directly to the customer on the agreed-upon date. Turo takes a cut of your rental earnings, but you’ll usually walk away with 65% to 90% of the profits. All in all, this is a pretty great way to earn passive income and one of the best side hustles in Atlanta.

What are your favorite high-paying side hustles? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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