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Quick Ways to Make Your First Sale Online 

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You’re about to launch your online business, and naturally, one of your main concerns is how to make that first sale, hoping that many more will follow it. To help you do that, in this article, we’ll discuss five simple ways to make your first sale online quickly.   

Social Media Marketing

This is a trendsetting way to make your first sale online. Remember that most people these days are highly-active on the different social media platforms, and these are the best venues where you can reach them. You can post and share photos of your products along with descriptions about them. Be careful not to “spam” your potential customers – make sure you provide them valuable content that they can find useful. For example, first, describe a common problem, and then explain in detail how your product can provide a solution to that problem. 

Join Online Communities

If you have an online store, then take advantage of putting a link back to your website in different online communities related to your niche or industry. For example, you can create forums on Reddit, join relevant Facebook groups, follow users on Twitter that have similar interests to yours (and have them follow you back), etc. It helps to do your searches on communities that have something to do with your business, which means, in other words, you can reach highly-targeted traffic. But first, you have to connect with active users on those platforms, create authentic relationships, and build your reputation so that they will allow you to share your links to your website.         

Offer Discounts

There are various advertising strategies in making your first sale online, and one of them is offering product discounts. Naturally, customers like cheap prices, and they are more likely to buy if they can afford the desired product. Discounts and freebies (i.e., free samples of something) are more eye-catching, and can potentially drive more targeted traffic to your website or online store. So think about the best discount offers your customers can get. Will that be a significant reduction in the prices of particular products? Will you provide them with a free service (or bonus product) if they make a purchase? Whatever your strategy is, discounts and freebies can boost your sales online.  

Use AdWords

Google AdWords is a popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. It allows businesses and brands to place their ads on the Google search engine results page, other websites, and also YouTube videos. If you rank at the top of the search queries results related to your business or niche, your sales can potentially significantly increase. Aside from that, AdWords campaigns work fast and have a massive reach. You can create highly-targeted ad campaigns (as also seen on other paid advertising platforms such as Ads Supply, OutBrain, etc.) that will be displayed Google’s search pages when visitors browse on the Internet using predefined keywords.    

Create Contests or Offer Giveaways

Discounts are one thing, contests and giveaways are another. Many customers love to get free stuff, and one way to give it to them is by creating contests or giveaways. This is also a way to gain their trust. Aside from that, you have the opportunity to build inbound links, allowing customers to share your promos and contests across different social media platforms. You don’t have to create huge contest. Start with something small like the best selfie contest with participants holding your products, or the best answer to a question related to your business.