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Boost Your Amazon Side-Hustle: Top Tools Every Seller Needs for Success

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Amazon side-hustle tools

Selling products on Amazon is a great side hustle. In fact, a recent survey showed that the vast majority of Amazon sellers only operate their business part-time. So it’s definitely possible to become a top Amazon seller even if you can’t devote yourself to your storefront full-time. However, you’ll need the right tools to be successful, especially if you’re just starting out. Here are 4 Amazon side-hustle tools that will help you boost your business.

4 Amazon Side-Hustle Tools Sellers Need

Amazon Keyword Tool

If you want customers to find your products, you’ll need to use the keywords they’re searching for in your listing. Keyword research and planning tools can help you identify trending keywords related to your product.

Amazon Keyword Tool is one of the best Amazon side-hustle tools for seasoned sellers and newbies alike. It’s trusted by major brands like Ikea, Philips, Shopify, and more. All you have to do to use it is enter your product’s main keyword (such as “fridge” or “radio”) and category. Then the tool will generate a list of related long-tail keywords.

The free version provides a shorter list of keywords and doesn’t show the search volume for every result. Since you need this information to choose top trending keywords, you may want to upgrade to the paid subscription plan to get the best results.


Amazon shoppers are more likely to choose top-rated sellers who have a proven track record. So if you want to boost your Amazon side hustle, it’s important to focus on getting five-star reviews from your customers.

AMZFinder is a tool that can help you gain more positive feedback. It automatically sends a review request to each customer’s email to remind them to rate their experience.

You can either customize the review request or allow the tool to match each customer with the most suitable email template. You’ll even get an email notification when someone leaves a review, allowing you to improve your responsiveness.

Although AMZFinder starts at $19 per month, it’s worth the investment since it will help you improve your store’s reputation.

FBA Calculator

In order to turn a profit, Amazon sellers must manage their costs and price their products appropriately. You also have to determine which fulfillment method is best for your business. Amazon allows sellers to fulfill their own orders or outsource the process for a fee through the FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program.

This free Amazon FBA Calculator can help you calculate your potential net profit on an item based on factors like the sale price and your inventory and marketing costs. The calculator can also help you decide which fulfillment method to go with in order to maintain optimal profit margins.

PPC Campaign Management Tool

Launching a well-planned PPC campaign can help you boost your sales. If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform to manage your ad campaigns, check out ZonTools. It harnesses the power of AI to optimize your ad campaigns.

You can choose your goal for the campaign such as profit or visibility, and ZonTools will automatically work toward it. ZonTools also frequently adjusts your campaign to lower your ad spend and target the right buyers and keywords for your products. The tool starts at $9 per month, but that’s a small price to pay to completely automate your PPC campaigns!

Which tools do you use to boost your Amazon side hustle? Share your favorites in the comments!

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