Best AI side hustles

Wish you could start a side hustle but don’t have enough time to dedicate to a new venture? Harnessing the power of AI can help you get tasks done faster so you can fit freelancing into your busy schedule. Check out these 5 AI side hustles that leverage automation tools to help you make money quickly and efficiently.

Write Children’s Books

Because children’s stories are shorter than full-length novels, they’re much easier to write. But before AI tools hit the market, completing a children’s book could still take you weeks or even months because you had to illustrate all the images.

Now image generators such as Midjourney and DALL-E 2 allow authors to whip up creative visuals for their children’s books in mere minutes. AI writing tools like ChatGPT can help you generate a winning storyline in record time, enabling you to finish your storybook in a day or less. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing simple-to-use platform also makes the publishing process foolproof.

You’ll still have to spend time promoting your book if you want to sell more than a few copies. But luckily there are AI tools to assist you in building a strong social media presence, including Tweet Hunter. It automatically generates tweets on any topic you want so you can advertise your book on Twitter with little effort.

Start a Niche Site

Starting a niche blog used to be a huge undertaking. You’d have to spend hundreds of hours researching topics and writing value-packed blog posts. Now ChatGPT can assist you with all these tasks in running a niche blog.

It can suggest topics and keywords, do research for you, write outlines, and even pen a fully fleshed-out blog post. The content it creates is so good that it only needs light fact-checking and editing, allowing you to run a niche blog in half the time or less.

Niche sites have the potential to generate $200 to $4,000 per month in revenue depending on how much traffic they get. So blogging is a worthwhile AI side hustle.

Edit Videos or Podcasts

One of the best AI side hustles is video editing thanks to a new tool called Descript. It turns a video or podcast into a script and allows you to edit the audio or video file by deleting words from that script. This makes video editing as easy as editing a blog post! Descript will even delete filler words like “um” and “ah” for you automatically, which makes polishing videos so much easier. Although the tool costs $12 per month, just one video or audio editing job will more than pay for it, so it’s worth it.

Create An Online Course

AI has become so advanced that it can even help you create an educational mini-course. A tool called Mini Course Generator can create a detailed outline based on your descriptions of what you want your micro-course to include. The tool can even help you generate the content you need for each slide, making the writing process quicker and easier.

Then you can edit and customize the slides Mini Course generates by adding images, videos, embedded podcasts, and more. If you have the expertise you want to share with the world but don’t have time to create a course from scratch, this is the tool you’ve been waiting for!

Create Ads

Many companies hire freelancers to create and manage digital advertising campaigns for them. Believe it or not, there’s even an AI tool called Ad Creative that can generate creative advertisements complete with images and copy for you based on your prompts.

Ad Creative even integrates with various platforms like Facebook and Google to make managing social media campaigns for your clients easier. Plus, the ads are conversion-focused and have up to 14X higher conversion rates than the ads human freelancers can produce. Although the tool requires a paid monthly subscription starting at $21, you’ll easily recoup the cost.

What do you think of AI tools? Are you planning to use them to increase your productivity and earnings? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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