Why Businesses Need a FAQ Page

It seems like every business has an FAQ page on its website. But do customers actually read them, or is making one just a waste of time? 

FAQ pages can help boost your website’s ranking if you incorporate the right keywords and internally link to other pages. They can also take some of the burdens off your customer service team by answering the most common questions customers will call in about. So if you don’t have an FAQ page already, it’s worth spending a few hours to create one. 

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why businesses need a FAQ page. 

Why Businesses Need a FAQ Page

Boosts SEO

One of the main reasons why businesses need a FAQ page is to boost their SEO. If you provide answers to commonly asked questions within your industry, it increases the chances that new customers will find you on Google, especially if you incorporate keywords and internal links.

Adding keywords to your FAQ page will help your website rank higher and increase your visibility. You can also boost your SEO and keep customers on your website for longer by adding internal links. If you have educational content that answers a question in greater detail, you can link to it to help visitors get the info they need while continuing to engage with your brand. 

Builds Brand Authority

An FAQ page can position your brand as an authority within your industry. By providing thorough, accurate answers to common questions, you’ll show your customers you’re great at what you do. 

Answering questions about your company can also increase transparency and build trust with your customers. Giving them clear, detailed information about your policies, products, and services will give them the confidence they need to move forward with their purchase. 

Helping customers by publishing useful information has also been shown to increase sales. Consumers are 133% more likely to purchase from your brand if they’ve read educational content you’ve put out. So hopefully your new FAQ page will not only boost your SEO but also increase your sales and conversions. 

Reduces Need for Customer Service

It’s a huge waste of resources to have your customer service representatives answer the same questions day in and day out. Compiling an FAQ page will cut down on those repetitive queries from customers and enable them to self-serve. 

Research has shown that more than 70% of consumers prefer to troubleshoot problems themselves rather than reaching out to customer service. Publishing a detailed FAQ page will enable your customers to resolve issues on their own, which is more in line with their preferences. And as an added bonus, you may not need as many customer service representatives, which will save your company money.  

Improves User Experience

Your website may already have all the info your customers want to know on it. But if it’s spread out across multiple pages and blog posts, it may be hard for them to access.

Collecting all the info they need to know on one page can improve the usability of your website and help them progress through the customer journey. You can link to helpful blog posts and further reading on the FAQ page, which will guide them toward a purchase and help increase conversions.

All businesses need an FAQ page to increase their visibility on search engines and provide customers with the information they need to be confident in their purchases. Although it can take a while to craft the perfect FAQ page, it’s worth the investment of time.

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