Flexible Business Ideas

Studies have shown that many people find deadlines stressful. Seventy-eight percent of people are stressed out at work, and 38% cite deadlines as the primary cause of their work-related anxiety. As a freelance writer, I can definitely relate to this pressure. I can have up to a dozen articles due in the same week and am often juggling multiple priorities, which can get pretty hectic.

However, not all side hustles require you to meet tight turnaround times. You can choose to pursue one of the flexible business ideas below instead. These businesses don’t require you to meet any hard-and-fast deadlines, giving you a more relaxed schedule. Read on to check them out.

Sell PLR Content

If you’ve never heard of PLR content before, it’s basically premade marketing content like blogs, recipes, and stock videos. PLR stands for “private label rights,” which means you’re only giving customers who buy your content the rights to use it, not total ownership of it. So you can sell the same piece of PLR content over and over again, making this a great way to earn passive income.

Selling PLR content doesn’t come with any deadlines since you’re creating the content upfront and finding customers later. The only downside is that this type of content doesn’t command the same prices as custom content. You may only be able to sell a PLR blog post for around $10 because your customers will have to edit it to suit their needs.

If you’re interested in trying out this side hustle, you can set up your own website to advertise your content, or sell it in Facebook groups. My favorite places to sell PLR content are two Facebook groups called VA for Hire and The Blogger Resource Room. Customers in these groups are mainly looking for lifestyle blogs, semi-exclusive recipes, and educational printables for kids, which are all easy to create on your own schedule.

Sell a Physical Product

Another one of my favorite flexible business ideas is selling products. I love to make woodworking crafts and sell them at craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and on Facebook Marketplace. For the most part, I can follow my inspiration and create whatever kind of products I want as long as there’s demand for them. Since I don’t take custom orders, I don’t have to make a particular item if I don’t want to. It can get boring to make the same monogrammed cutting board for customers over and over, so I value this flexibility to make what I please!

This side hustle also gives me a pretty flexible schedule, so I can fit it around my other obligations. The only deadline I really have is showing up at the farmer’s market or shipping out any orders I get on Facebook in a timely manner. But if you’d rather create a completely passive income stream, try dropshipping (this post walks you through it step-by-step) or selling digital products like ebooks or budget spreadsheets instead.

If you don’t think you’re creative enough to come up with your own physical or digital products, you can resell items like clothes or electronics. The thrift store is a treasure trove of clothing, homewares, sports equipment, and more that can often be resold at a higher price. You can list the items you find on apps like Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, OfferUp, and even Facebook Marketplace. These platforms have a built-in customer base, so you won’t have to do much marketing to get your business off the ground. And best of all, the only deadline you’ll have is shipping out orders on time.

Pet Sitting

Providing overnight pet sitting services in your home is a great way to monetize your downtime. You can earn an average of $40 per night for each dog you board and take care of. Although the dogs will need to be walked, played with, and fed, it’s pretty easy to fit these responsibilities into your usual nighttime routine, especially if you already have a pet. You could even board pets like cats or hamsters instead of dogs, which tend to be lower maintenance because they don’t need to be walked or entertained.

What are your favorite ways to earn money without having to meet unrealistic deadlines? Share your flexible business ideas in the comments section below!

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