Clinton Orr, Founder of Pet Life Animal Fund: Caring For Furry Family Members

Pets are more than just animals. 


They are members of the family, providing unconditional love and support to their owners. However, many animals without a home rely on the support of rescue centers, many of which don’t have the budget to treat every sick or injured pet that comes their way. 


That’s where Pet Life Animal Fund comes in. Founded by Clinton Orr, a Senior Wealth Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager with CG Wealth Management., the nonprofit steps in to help the pets that need it most. 


Clinton Orr founded the organization with his wife Jodi. When the two lifelong pet lovers decided to give back to their community, they chose to fill a pet-care gap in their Manitoba community. Today, Pet Life Animal Fund provides rescue centers with the budgets they need to treat more animals. 


“We believe that every pet deserves access to quality veterinary care, regardless of their owner’s financial situation,” said Clinton Orr. “The organization provides financial assistance for a wide range of veterinary services, including emergency care, surgeries, and more.” 


In late January, the couple announced a contest offering $15,000 to sick animals in need of medical treatment. There were multiple winners, including a beloved one-eyed horse named Ashur, which needed surgery to repair an eye. The organization also donated $1,000 to many additional animal charities. 


They include: 

It All Started With Bubba

The Pet Life Animal Fund is a donor-advised fund with a meaningful charitable impact. The organization’s start began in 2012 when the couple adopted a beloved dog from a no-kill shelter, a special pup named Bubba. 

According to Clinton Orr and his wife, Bubba had a difficult start before the couple found him. He’d already been adopted two times before. Bubba joined the family at five years old before passing away in 2019 at the age of 12. 

Bubba had such an impact on the couple that Jodi decided she wanted to become a certified dog trainer. The dog also inspired the pair to get more involved in rescues. After all — there are many Bubbas out there in need of a good home. 

“Bubba was unlike any other dog I had ever met,” Clinton Orr said. “He was a loveable lab and while our time together was short, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything else in the world. He enriched our lives, and my wife and I want to make it possible for others to meet pets just like him. To do that, we have to make sure they have the care they need.” 

From Volunteers To Philanthropists

For years, Jodi volunteered with D’Arcy’s Arc, where she learned the reality of rescue centers and their tiny operating budgets. She and Orr donated to the charity multiple times over the years, but in 2020, the couple decided to increase their efforts on behalf of their beloved Bubba. 

“When my wife came to me and explained the situation, I was saddened but unfortunately, not surprised. It was clear that there was more that needed to be done, and we had the resources to make it happen,” Orr said. “These people are helping animals in need, and we don’t want a single pet to have to go without if we have the ability to make a difference. Bubba made a huge impact on our lives, and we know that there are more just like him that just need a little support to find a forever home.”

Many animals that come into rescues require veterinary care, which can take a Great Dane-sized bite out of their budgets. That’s the reason Pet Life Animal Fund exists: to supplement these rescues so they can provide the care that pets need to thrive. 

Whether you are a pet owner, animal lover, or simply a Manitoba resident who believes in helping others, the Pet Life Animal Fund is worth a look.