What Are the Different Types of Bullets for Guns?


Guns have been circled since the 1400s with Leonardo da Vinci’s one-hand sketches of a real machine gun. Since then, guns have changed. There are many different types of bullets for firearms out there.

These different types can affect gun characteristics. It’s important to know what those good brands are. Read on for all you need to know about the different types of bullets for your gun.

Lead Round Nose 

Lead round-nose bullets are the most traditional. They are like classic bullets with a rounded nose constructed with a single piece of lead. These bullets are inexpensive and used in various firearms, from small rifles to large handguns.

LRN bullets work for hunting games at close range and are an excellent choice for anyone new to shooting.

Plated Bullets 

Plated bullets are a great choice if you are a recreational shooter and need cost-effective ammunition. Plated bullets are an excellent choice for target shooting and competition.

They are an excellent choice for target shooting and competition.

Poly-coated Bullets 

Polycoated bullets are designed to do excellently in automated and semi-automatic weapons. This kind of bullet is for target shooting in rifles and handguns and is used for self-protection and hunting.

Full Metal Jacket  

Full metal jacket bullets are one of the most common types of guns found in military and civilian weapons. They give the user enhanced accuracy and terminal performance. They are most often used in target shooting.

Hollow Point

Hollow points are for hunting and self-defense applications due to their superior stopping power. They are one of the few bullet types designed to expand on impact, creating a much larger wound than other bullet types.

Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point 

It is for hunting purposes. The jacketed bullets help to support the bullet’s shape during flight, while the hollow point enables it to expand upon impact, increasing its stopping power and maximizing tissue damage.

Jacketed Hollow-Point 

Jacketed hollow-point bullets are ammunition used in handguns and rifles. The jacket protects the vulnerable core at the point of impact, increasing the accuracy of the projectile.

The jacket protects the vulnerable core at the point of impact, increasing the accuracy of the projectile. The hollow point bullet expands and has much greater stopping power. This bullet is a popular choice for self-defense and hunting.

Brass Bullet

Brass bullets are typically more reliable and correct than other types of ammunition due to their consistency. Brass offers a longer shelf life and more protection to the gun’s barrel and the shooter. Long rifles, short rifles, full metal jackets, and 223 brass are all examples of popular brass bullets.

Soft Point

The soft point bullet is all-purpose for hunting, sporting and personal defense. This bullet can expand and produce good stopping power, making it a popular choice for home defense.

Explore the Different Types of Bullets

Bullets come in various sizes, shapes, and types, each ideal for different activities. Different types of bullets are available for other gun makes and models, depending on your specific shooting needs.

There is something for everyone, from self-defense rounds to precision targets and hunting bullets. If you’re looking for the best type of ammunition for your gun and your shooting goals, contact a local gun shop for advice.

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