Projects to Benefit Your Small Business

Starting a business is challenging. Growing your business after it’s established is even more difficult. While attracting new business and expanding your consumer base are essential for success, none of these things happen overnight. It takes effective planning and execution. Here are some projects you can take on to grow your small business.

1. Start A Blog

A small business with a blog on its website gets about 55% more traffic, according to HubSpot. Whether you use it to establish an online presence or drive traffic to your website, a blog is an effective tool for boosting your company’s online visibility, improving its reputation, and engaging with current and future consumers. While running a blog may require you to take some time away from your business’s daily operations, when done properly, the ROI will be worth it.

A blog post offers a way to convey the personality of your small business. It allows you to interact with potential customers and discuss issues that are important to them and your company. By regularly updating your website with fresh blog posts, your business will be able to connect with its consumers and attract new customers.

Approximately 68% of online interactions start with a search engine. The higher your website ranks in search results, the better for your business. Few people tend to delve past the first page of search results, so if your website ranks low, expect fewer clicks. By increasing the number of pages that search engines index from your domain with each blog post, a small business blog is a great way to raise the ranking of your website in search results.

2. Decluttering

Over half of the 2,000 Americans polled in a recent Closet Clutter-Organization Survey by ClosetMaid said they had a clutter issue. Just like homes, small businesses also need some decluttering to become organized. Getting rid of physical, digital, and emotional clutter will prove to be beneficial for both you and your business. Decluttering will allow you and your team to operate more efficiently and productively.

The start of the new year makes now the ideal time to declutter your small business. Check your schedule and allot a few hours every week for your decluttering efforts. Determine which tasks you can delegate to your team and which ones will just waste your time. By doing this, you’ll free up more time for activities that will benefit both you and your company.

Consider going paperless to declutter your small business. Use platforms such as the Cloud and other applications that are easy to download and use. Doing this will not only keep your files in order but also streamline your workflow.

Opening your computer to thousands of emails can be overwhelming. Most of them are likely not important to your business, so start clearing up your inbox. Consider hiring a virtual assistant who’ll help manage your calls. Ask them to manage your subscriptions, categorize important emails, and delete junk emails.

3. Improve Customer Service

You may unintentionally forget about customer service for your present clients while trying to grow your business. Yes, customer turnover is part of the business world, but it shouldn’t be a direct consequence of your expansion efforts. You don’t want people to leave as a result of a bad experience. At the same time, focusing on providing high-quality customer service can be a great avenue for growth. If your present customers are treated well, they’ll likely leave positive reviews, recommend your business, and purchase from you again.

Opening a business is one of the most rewarding life experiences. However, your business will alternate between periods of growth and stagnation. The secret is to never stop looking for fresh opportunities for improvement. Don’t be scared to think outside the box and try ideas out. Be sure to set clear objectives and measurable outcomes to avoid turning potential growth into a serious error.