7 of the Best Software Apps for Managing Your Team

If you’re the head of a growing business, it can be easy to lose track of all of the moving parts in your company. Success comes with a lot of work, and a thriving business means onboarding and expansion. At a certain growth point, you need to rely heavily on others to get work done. While this can be difficult, many online software tools can assist in keeping your employees organized and on track.

It’s impossible for you as a business owner to personally oversee all of the work and projects occurring at your company, especially if you have multiple locations. To meet your deadlines and establish a healthy workflow, it is crucial that you use all the tools at your disposal. In this blog post, we will take a quick look at seven of the most helpful software applications for employers and employees to manage time and tasks.

Google Teams

Having a company Google Teams account is a great way to keep all of your employees in the same email space. Additionally, your business will have branded email addresses, helping you appear more professional. The business calendar is easily accessible to all of your employees, and out-of-office notices prevent any double bookings.

Additionally, a Google Teams account gives your company a certain amount of drive space, allowing you to upload important files to the cloud to keep them secure. In the modern market, data storage security is crucial, so using Google Docs and Google Sheets for files will ensure that your company documents don’t get lost on someone’s personal computer.


Slack is an organization software that brings together long-distance users. This user-friendly software allows for file uploads, individual chat rooms, and voice calls. By separating your company into separate workstreams, you can easily keep track of project progress in different areas of your business.


One of the biggest selling points of the Monday app is its visualization element. With an overhead view and color-coded interface, Monday allows you to see who is working on each project, and when they are projected to finish. Employees log progress as they work, and it’s easy for people to ping one another with any work questions within the app.


Lineup is an all-around team management app that helps you to learn more about your employees. With its cloud-based forms and files, you can keep track of the details of your team, as well as information about volunteers and others outside of your immediate organization. With all of your information secure and in one space, you will be sure to improve communications amongst your business.


The great thing about Trello is the layout of the app. Trello makes tasks into cards, which you have on your dashboard. You can have collaborative cards, time-sensitive cards, and cards with checklists to mark your progress. Sharing information and assignments is as easy as a click of a button, and progression is made visually satisfying with progress bars.


Clockify is one of the handiest tools to discover how your employees are using their time. By offering free access to time clocks and punch sheets, you can use Clockify to visualize exactly how long a task should take. This way, you can quickly address problems with your workflow and ensure your employees get the support that they need.


MeisterTask improves the UX of task management software by adding bright, fun colors and customizable wallpapers and banners. With automation enabled, you can receive notifications if anyone in your company completes a task, or asks a question. Additionally, it features a time tracking tool to help estimate future project times.

With so many software apps to choose from, do your due diligence and test out some before you commit. Every team is different, and the strengths of your team management software should echo your business’s goals.