5 Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Medical Practice Online

Medical practices like ThriveMD have to take advantage of online tools to market to potential clients who may be interested in the services they offer. Online marketing is low-cost, requiring little more than the time you put into it. 

Try these five techniques to make the most impact on your online presence:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Most patients will find your clinic online through a quick search. This means that coming up at the top of the results page is essential. 

Make sure your website is formatted with keywords that clients will be searching to find the services you offer. To do this, you could create a few new pages for your website that cater to any location-specific services you offer. 

2. Claim Business Listings

Have you claimed your business listing on popular review sites like Google and Yelp? Your Google My Business page is important for your company. If you haven’t already claimed it, this is the time to do so. 

When your business information is claimed and verified, you may see a small improvement in your rankings on search engine results pages. It also allows you to confirm that important details such as your hours and location are correct. 

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fancy way of saying that you are creating content that patients can rely on. The most common forms of content marketing are a blog or an email newsletter. 

Content marketing can the following serve important purposes when promoting your medical practice: 

  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve search engine results ranking
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Establish credibility as an expert

These are all crucial elements of a thriving medical practice. Consider whether someone on your team has the skills to create helpful content for your patients. 

4. Paid Social Media Ads

While social media ads may not be a free way to market, they can certainly be effective. Low-cost ads on Facebook and other social media platforms are a way to get in front of the demographic you primarily serve. Narrow down the advertisement to display only to relevant customers within this segment of the population. 

5. Create Multimedia Content

Patients want to engage with the businesses they frequent, and there is no better way to do that virtually than through multimedia content. Create video interviews with your providers, take patients on a tour of your building, and answer common questions that they may have. 

A video is more powerful and effective than a simple photograph, especially for social media posts.

Take Advantage of Low-Cost Online Marketing

Online marketing cannot be ignored in today’s digital age. Most of the techniques involving your online presence are free or inexpensive to implement. You can scale them to whatever size is appropriate for your business. Consider how you can get started marketing your medical practice online today!