Why Facebook Is A Great Lead Generation Platform 

If you own a company or business, it’s important to understand that social media platforms aren’t just for brand management: they are perfect for lead generation. There are many reasons why social media platforms are ideal for generating leads. They have millions of users, a vast network of connections, and expansive marketing options. Facebook is one of the first and one of the most popular social media platforms on the market. Most companies don’t have haines insurance lead generation to make them aware of the new potential customers they could have: Facebook does. Here are some of the main reasons why Facebook is great for a business that wants to create more leads. 

Over 1 Billion Users 

Created in 2004, Facebook has grown into one of the most prominent social media platforms and is even one of the largest companies in the world. Not many services have over one billion active users (a seventh of the world’s entire population!) By using Facebook for your marketing, the sheer number of potential leads is unmatched by almost any other social media platform. If you’re targeting is correct, you can put your content in front of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. 

Low Cost

By using a social media platform as an additional marketing tactic, a company drastically saves money by reducing the cost of other “traditional” marketing tactics. Without even using Facebook Ads, generating leads for your business is basically free (other than paying someone to manage the social media) and depends on how much effort and strategy is put into the lead generation content — live videos, blogs, call-to-actions, etc. Using Facebook is a perfect lead-generating option for businesses you can start with small capital.

Facebook Ads

If you’re willing to pay the extra money, implementing Facebook’s marketing application, Facebook Ads, into your efforts is a great investment. Basically, you can spend an amount of money to market your content and pay accordingly to how many clicks and engagements it receives. Facebook ads allow to target and retarget potential leads very effectively. Facebook Ads allows you to target based on many demographics: geography, age, sex, hobbies, connections, marital status, education level, areas of work, speaking languages, and more. Facebook Ads also allows you to see the fruits of your marketing efforts. Every click, engagement, and other KPIs are traceable through this service.