5 Jobs in the Medical Field You Can Do Without Being a Doctor or Nurse

So you want to work in the medical field, helping people become healthier and caring for their wellbeing, but you don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse. It’s understandable! 

Becoming a doctor requires extreme dedication and a lot of money – as does becoming a nurse. Don’t let this stop you from working in the medical field, though. Below is a list of five different jobs you can have helping people without being a doctor or a nurse. 

  1. Administration

The administration staff of a hospital or doctor’s office is the glue that holds everything together. While they are not physically diagnosing patients, they are the ones who keep the office organized, schedule appointments, and make sure patients have everything they need from their doctors to get better. 

If you enjoy interacting with patients, scheduling appointments, and keeping others organized, then you would be a great addition to a hospital or doctor’s office’s administrative team. 

  1. Interior Designer

You may be wondering what interior design has to do with the medical field, but actually, it can play a huge part. When building a new medical center, medical offices design must be taken into account. 

They must be practical, functional, modern, and inviting to patients. Not only does it have to serve the patient, but it must meet the needs of the doctors as they work to help their patients. A lot of thought goes into the design of medical offices and hospitals. 

That picture you see hanging on the wall in the waiting room was chosen for a reason, not just because someone thought it would look good there. 

  1. Social Worker

If you want to help people directly without getting an MD, then you can become a social worker. Social workers help the families of patients manage major life events. 

Whether a family member is diagnosed with cancer or has to be rehabilitated after a serious car accident, a social worker can provide resources and assistance as the patient and their family navigate a new way of life. 

This job is essential to helping people and is still considered part of the medical field when they work in hospitals. 

  1. Nutritionist

A lot of people don’t know how to eat well. They are never taught which foods are nutritious and how to incorporate them into their diets. So, as a nutritionist, you can help people live healthier lives through their diets. 

You’ll see patients who want to lose weight, who want to learn about nutrition and those who want to solve health issues, starting with the foods they eat. 

It’s incredible how much of an impact a diet has on one’s health. 

  1. Research Assistant 

If you’re a science-lover who enjoys working in a lab and analyzing reports and data, then you may want to consider becoming a research assistant. Under the direction of a lead researcher, you can help find breakthrough revelations in the name of medicine. 

Work behind the scenes finding new ways to help people through the power of research and science in the medical field as a research assistant.