Tips for Selling to Customers in Person

It’s been many years since the art of the door to door sales technique was commonplace. The language of business once involved building rapport and creating trust, whereas the conversation has now been dulled to finding a few benefits and features that meet your needs and clicking on the “buy now” button online. The only problem is that some sales are still done in person. Some sales, in fact, still work best when done in person. 

So, here are some things you need to know about meeting your customers face to face to help you seal the sales deal.

Contactless card reader 

Money is dead, long live money. To be more precise, physical cash has been sitting on the sidelines nursing a battered ego for some years now, while paying for things online has become more popular than free iced tea in a sauna. See how to get a contactless card reader for your business here

Without a way to accept digital money, your business is going to miss out on easy sales. Your customers will literally be standing facing you, with their debit or credit card in their hand, and you won’t be able to take their money. They’ll say something like, “Oh, you don’t take card? OK, well, is there an ATM near here? Maybe we’ll be back in a while … if we come back this way”. And you’ll never see them again. 

Get over any tech fears you may have about setting up a card reader and get with the times. A card reader is a must for any business that wants to make face to face sales. 

Make the sale personal 

Facts about a product are just facts. One vacuum cleaner may be more powerful than another, but it also may be larger and therefore no use to the person looking for a convenient way to clean their car. A pair of headphones may have an excellent sound delivery but could be priced out of the budget of someone looking for cheap and cheerful options for the gym.

Speak to your customer. Understand their needs. Know your product. Learn how to make square pegs glide effortlessly into square holes by matching the product to the need. Wasting your time trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t need it is seldom worth the effort. 

Remember, your customers are out to make rational purchases. Your task is to make a potentially irrational purchase sound like you’ve reminded the person of a problem they need to solve, and you have the very thing to solve that problem on sale right here right now.   

Meet the customer on their level 

You may have spent untold hours learning about your product, ready to listen first and sell second. But there’s a common issue that you must avoid. The issue of being ready to unleash your spiel without paying attention to the type of customer you’re dealing with. 

Always take a moment to listen to your customer and understand their sensibilities. Do they seem interested in complicated scientific explanations of the product? Or do they seem more subdued and easy going? Mirror their persona for better levels of engagement.