Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro Review

When you run out of storage space on your computer, combing through your files and deciding which ones to delete can be a big hassle. But Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro, a disk cleaning software and application manager, makes the whole process much easier.

File Deletion

Many people don’t know that files can get left behind when you delete a program from your computer and hog space on your hard drive. Trend Micro Cleaner scans your computer to quickly identify and remove them.

It also helps you find and remove duplicate files, similar-looking photos, and unused apps that are taking up room on your computer needlessly.

Trend Micro Cleaner One Pro Review

Although I thought I was doing a good job of managing my hard drive, Trend Micro found 7.40 GB of unnecessary files that I missed. Deleting them made my computer run noticeably faster. 

The removal process was also simple. All I had to do was select which files I wanted to remove and delete them with a single click. 

In addition to file deletion, Trend Micro Cleaner has lots of other useful features that will help you get your digital life in order. 

Storage Usage Charts

Trend Micro One Pro Review

Trend Micro has a chart feature that gives you a visual breakdown of your storage usage to help you manage and keep track of your important files. 

The chart is completely interactive, so you’ll be able to see which applications and folders are taking up the most room on your computer. 

Thanks to this feature, I noticed that my downloads folder was getting full and cleared it out, which freed up extra storage space. 

Manage Large Files

Trend Micro Cleaner also scans your computer for large files so you can decide whether or not they’re worth keeping.


Trend Micro One Pro Review

It gives you a list of all files that are over 10 MB and allows you to filter them by size to make them easier to sort through. 

If you see anything you want to delete, you can select it and have it removed from your laptop almost immediately. 

File Shredder 

Another standout feature is the file shredder. It allows you to securely erase documents and even entire folders. 

It makes the files totally unrecoverable, so if you have any sensitive financial information that you don’t want others to see, this is how you should get rid of it. 

Application and Startup Manager

Last but not least is the application and startup manager. 

Trend Micro Cleaner gives you a list of all of your apps and allows you to arrange them by name, date, or size. 

It shows you when you installed the app and the last time you used it to help you identify and remove programs you don’t really need. It also allows you to delete apps in batches to save time. 

The startup manager helps you keep track of the programs that automatically open when you boot up your computer. 

Having too many applications open up when your computer launches can slow it down. This feature makes it easier to disable apps that you don’t need to access right when you log in. 


One of the things you’ll love about Trend Micro Cleaner is the user interface. It’s clean, simple, and user-friendly. Even if you’re not a techie, you’ll have no problem navigating this software and making use of all of its helpful features. 

Another plus is how fast the software runs. Although you’d think scanning and removing lots of files would take a long time, Trend Micro Cleaner deleted mine in less than a minute, so I didn’t have to sit around and wait. 

If your files are larger and take longer to delete, Trend Micro Cleaner will run in the background so you can work undisturbed. 

Considering how many features this program has, it’s available for a pretty fair price. A yearlong subscription costs $19.99 for one device and $59.99 for five devices, which is well worth it to clean out and speed up your family’s laptops.


The only potential downside of this software is that the file shredder feature could cause you to delete an important document accidentally. 

To ensure that you don’t lose something you need, use the file shredder carefully and keep your laptop away from your kids so they can’t play around with this feature. 

Wrapping Up 

Most people don’t have the time to retrieve and delete all of their unneeded documents and applications manually. If you’re not super tech-savvy, you can also overlook lots of files like I did, which could slow down your computer substantially. 

So if you want your computer to run at peak performance, getting disk cleaning software is essential, and Trend Micro Cleaner is one of the best. 

It has a clean, easy to use interface and runs quickly and quietly in the background while you work on other tasks. 

It also has great file and application management tools that will help you find ways to use the storage space on your computer more efficiently and effectively.