Paribus Review: Can This Service Help You Save Money on Your Business Expenses?

As a small business owner or solopreneur, saving money on overhead costs is obviously on your mind. Business expenses are inevitable, so why not try to save money on your regular purchases? That’s why we’re writing this Paribus review—can it really save you money.

If you shop online for physical items, you may already know that a lot of these retailers do something called price-matching. What happens is when the price you bought something at drops within a certain period of time (usually around a week or two), then you can apply for a refund for the difference of that amount.

It may seem like you need to spend a lot of time to do this, and it can be. However, there is a service that can help, called Paribus.

Paribus Review: What is it and How Does It Work?

This service helps you with searching for price matches once you’ve made a purchase then applies for a refund on your behalf. You don’t have to lift a finger.

All you have to do is sign up for their service and link your email account to it. After that,  Paribus will then scan your inbox and look for any receipts. Once it does, it’ll enter the information in its servers. If Paribus finds a price match, then it will apply for a refund (it’ll email them) on your behalf. Then the money will be refunded, as simple as that!

Is Paribus Safe to Use?

While Paribus’ data is secure, you never know. Something that makes people apprehensive about this service is that they get access to their inboxes. The only thing it does is check for receipts, but it’s still concerning for many people, which is totally understandable. If you have a lot of sensitive information as it relates to your business transmitted via email, you may want to think twice about it.

It’s obviously not ideal. If you think about it, there are probably plenty of other services that have access to sensitive information as well (I’m thinking bookkeeping services in particular). It’s not that different if you think about it. Besides, Paribus is only looking for receipts and probably doesn’t care what you ate last night (let’s get real here).

Will It Help Save Money in My Business?

In a nutshell, it can. Again, if you purchase a lot of physical items  (or purchase from the 20 retailers they currently support) it’s definitely worth considering. It may seem weird to be paying for a service to help save you money, but it can save you time scouring price match opportunities. And if you’re a time-strapped entrepreneur like so many of is, that little bit of time you save will be worth it.

Go ahead and check out Paribus and see if it’s worth it for you to try out for your business.

This post is sponsored by Paribus.

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