How to Acquire Your First High Value Clients

High value clients are the dream for all entrepreneurs. We want to work on projects that we love and be well-compensated for that work. The best way to accomplish these goals is by obtaining high-end clients that fit our businesses perfectly.

But it’s often that attaining those clients can be easier said than done. So, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you move towards scoring some of your first high value clients: 

Niche Down

While it might be one of the most overused sentiments in business, a business that looks to serve everyone will help no one. You simply cannot be everything for everyone, and thinking you can will lead to low paid jobs and the wrong clients for you.

Many new entrepreneurs are so quick to help anyone and everyone that they fail to land anyone of any real value. They get stuck with bad contracts that barely pay the bills and they’re often unsatisfied with the work they do manage to put out.

Don’t be that kind of business. Decide on the niche that you serve and go at it full force—you can always expand outwards when you’re ready. But doing one thing really well is way more important than getting every new client that comes your way.

Target Specific Clients

On that note, choosing a niche means getting really specific about your clients. You don’t need to be targeting everyone in the market because the needs of say a law office will be very different than a writer. You need to decide who you serve and move out from there.

Create a strong client profile that gives you more than enough information to work with. Find out where your ideal client hangs out, how they choose their vendors and what specific service you can provide them. You also want to make sure that you’re clear on why your services are better than others. 

Then, take that client profile and create a marketing plan just for them. You’ll want to decide on the messages you want to put out there and how you’re going to get them in front of your audience.

Create a High-Converting Funnel

Funnels are a great way to bring in clients long-term without sacrificing extra time. They work, even when you’re not, and they help to create a consistent flow of clients for long term growth.

Truthfully, funnels tend to not be something that works today but in the long run a really good funnel set-up can help stimulate an inbound strategy where customers come to you. Setting something like this up beforehand can make your life easier in the long run—why not give yourself a head start?

How do you manage to snag high value clients? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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