4 Reasons Why Businesses Need a Blog


Yes, your small business does need a blog. That is a fact. This of us in marketing often throw out the term “content is king” and we’re not lying. But content isn’t king simply because it’s there, you need to publish good, high-quality content to benefit from it. So here are four reasons why businesses need a blog (with high-quality content).

Why Businesses Need a Blog

It Helps Drive Traffic

If you’re wondering why businesses need a blog, the number one reason in a lot of people’s minds is because it can help drive traffic. 

A high-quality blog that has meaningful information people want to read and that content is built with great SEO, really can drive more traffic to your website and your business!

It Helps Build Your Reputation

Posting blog content that helps demonstrate your knowledge, the benefits of your small business and provides meaningful insights—without being too promotional—can help your business build a solid reputation. 

Publishing thought leadership or high-quality content that you are uniquely positioned to tell is one of the great reasons why businesses need a blog!

It Helps Grow Your Following

An important reason why businesses need a blog is that a great blog can help build grow your audience and social following. 

While it can definitely increase your presence on the traditional social platforms, a great blog and subsequently a great blog newsletter can help grow your email list which is a great way to directly connect with an interested audience!

It Helps Generate Leads

Finally, if you’re looking for reasons that you need to have a serious business blog, is there any more direct reason then blogs can simply generate leads? 

Pending you’re writing about your area of expertise and drawing great spotlight onto your small business’ skills, then writing a blog can bring in some pretty solid leads from people who are looking for your specific skillset.

How Can You Have a Business Blog If You’re Not a Writer

The least expensive way to have a blog for your small business is to obviously write it for yourself. That way you don’t have to pay for someone else’s services—and you will have to pay because content doesn’t come for free!

If you can’t write your own blog for whatever reason, there are a few ways you can get blog posts:

  1. Hire your own writer directly. 
  2. Hire a writer through a platform like Upwork.
  3. Hire a content agency.

Any of the above methods can vary from cheap to expensive, but when hiring a writer or agency to create your blog topics it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Any content published by your blog is reflective of your organization, don’t risk your reputation!

What’s your opinion on why businesses need a blog? Share it in the comments below!

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