How I Manage Multiple Client Projects With Trello

As a marketing consultant and a professional blogger, I have a number of client projects on the go at any time. That can be complex to handle at some points, so it’s important that you have a system in place that works for you.

To do lists don’t tend to work for me. I’d love to be able to simply check off things on my list but it’s never worked for me. I tend to be a more visual learner, so I need something that works better for me.

Enter: Trello

Trello is a great way to get and stay organized.

It takes a while to get used to the platform. But once you’ve set it up for yourself, it’s a piece of cake to get everything going for you and stay on track. What I like most about Trello is that I can slide cards from list to list and add sublists.

I have a number of Trello boards, each for different projects or sites. But for my client board, every client has its own list and the most important task goes at the top of their list.

I can simply open my client board and check out what needs to be done that day and week. 

Making Trello Work For You

Trello has a lot of great options for keeping your business organized.

I have several boards including a business binder board—this contains all of my important things like affiliate links, branding information and financial accounts. Then I have a Trello board that simply lays out my business blog content and a separate one for my lifestyle blog.

Anything that needs mapping out gets its own board on Trello. This helps me ensure that everything is in order and easy for me to understand.

Tips for Using Trello

Trello is a great tool for business owners because it’s free to use. While there is a pro version of Trello that you can pay for, you can get more than enough for you to get organized in the free version.

Not only that, but you can make Trello work pretty much however you want to. You can make as many boards as you want, build as many teams and organize the boards the way that works best for you.

But there are a few ways that you can make Trello work better for you with a few brief tips:

Don’t Make a Board For Everything

It’s easy to get carried away on Trello, so make sure that you choose your boards and lists carefully. Before you get started, take some time to pen out what you think will work best for you. 

Open Trello First Every Day

It can be a challenge to learn to use a new program and integrate it into your daily schedule, so I recommend opening Trello first every day. If it’s the first thing open, you’ll have better luck using it more often. 

Modify As You Go Along

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your productivity process. Make sure to modify your process as you go along. Not everything will work for you and it certainly won’t work forever.

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