My Top 4 Tips To Improve Your Social Strategy

Social media is an important tool for your business, but not everyone does it correctly. In fact, most people who just wing-it without doing any research ending up making a mess of their social media page, get frustrated and stop working on it.

That helps no one, definitely not your business. If you’re looking to work on an easy social media strategy, here are the four tips that you need to hear so you can have a better chance at success.

#1 Quality Over Quantity

If you post crappy content every day, several times a day, you might see some growth but it won’t be the right growth. New business owners (and not so new ones) are really concerned with follower numbers and likes on posts, this is the wrong focal point.

If you’re looking for a successful strategy, you’re aiming for engagement—messages, comments and off-platform connections. But crappy content won’t help you get there. That means, you need to put more effort into it.

Instead of posting every day, post three times a week and dedicate your “extra” time to crafting meaningful text to go along with your graphics. Make Sure your graphics are on-brand. And, most importantly, make sure that your posts are about your audience, not you. 

#2 Be Consistent

You need to be consistent. If you’re trying to publish daily but you’re hitting the mark and end up going for days on end without posting anything at all, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your strategy.

Two posts per week on Monday and Fridays is better than a goal of five posts per week that sometimes sees five, sometimes sees three but most of the time sees none. Most people try to go all-out right off the bat end end up falling fast.

Remember that you always most more or work on a more robust strategy later, but you don’t want to post never. Start small and work your way up. 

#3 Focus On Your Audience

Make sure that the focus of your content is your audience. I know that it’s your social media channel, but you don’t need to post all promotional content. Or really any save for special occasions. 

Make sure that every post you put out there helps your audience and provides them value in some way, shape or form. 

#4 Treat It As Its Own Platform, Not An Extension of Your Website

It’s really easy to treat social media platforms as an extension of your website because in a way they are. But you have a better chance of success on social media if you treat it as its own entity.

That’s because not all of your audience is going to be the same on every platforms. So, if you’re writing a post on Instagram that’s a continuation of a blog post, people will feel like they’re missing something. You can absolutely direct someone somewhere further, but make sure your posts can also stand on their own. 

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