4 Ways COVID-19 Has Actually Helped My Business

I am by no means going to tell you here that COVID-19 has been a piece of cake for me (or anyone else) but it hasn’t been all bad. While it sucks that we’ve been separated from our friends and family, we’ve had a ton of time by ourselves to reprioritize.

While it’s been a little challenging to stay on topic, my business has benefitted from this slow down as well. I’ve had a ton of opportunity to really take a look at what I’m working on and what I should be doing instead. 

So, here are a few ways that COVID-19 has actually helped my business:

It’s Given Me a Chance to Revamp

The biggest opportunity that COVID-19 has given me from a business perspective is the opportunity to take a breath and revamp my business. While I love about 75 percent of what I do, I started to go a bit off-base the past 12 months.

I was working on this project or that one, and suddenly you look up and you’re not where you meant to be. But COVID-19 has given me a chance to head back to the business plan and realign what I’m going for. 

It’s Given Me an Excuse to Forego Distractions

I love working for myself because it gives me true freedom to do what I want, when I want to but it can get easy to get stuck into a slightly less-than-productive routine and say yes to all of those distractions. 

As bad as it sounds, COVID-19 has given me an opportunity to really take a step away and shut out distractions. It hasn’t always been the best but I’ve managed to make some real strides on my projects. 

It’s Provided a Different View of Finance

Unless you have an intimate understanding of finance prior to starting a business, finances can be a real hang up. It can be hard to get a handle on them, and most of us at the beginning stages are just going month-to-month.

But COVID-19 has given me a different outlook on finances. I have a deeper understanding of what I need to run my business, where my money goes and what I need around to help make sure the bad months aren’t so bad. 

It’s Made Me Take a Look at My Strengths

When you’re running a business, especially if it’s a solo shop, it can be really easy to lose sight of what you’re actually doing while you’re trying to pay the bills. But the slowdown that’s been imposed by COVID-19 has given me the opportunity to stop and really look at what I’m doing.

I’ve had an opportunity to take a look at what I’m actually working on, what I’m awesome at and what I’m passionate about. There’s an intersection somewhere in there that’s the best recipe for my business and prior to COVID-19 I wasn’t hitting it.

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