4 Examples Of Effective Delegation In Business

If you want to grow your business, delegation should be a goal. You can only go so far by yourself and while getting another set of hands can be a bit challenging, there are a ton of benefits to it. If you’re brand new to delegation, I’m going to outline some examples of effective delegation in business so you can get started.  

What is delegation?

Delegation is when you assign both responsibility and authority to someone else for a task (or series of tasks) in order to distribute the work and get more things done in less time. When you hire your first employee and give them tasks to do you are delegating work.

Many managers are afraid of delegating tasks, typically because they don’t trust their team members to get the job done correctly. This occurs more frequently in new managers, and for new entrepreneurs and solopreneurs it can be particularly challenging. But if you want to be truly effective and grow your business, it’s’ something you’ll want to master.

Examples of Effective Delegation in Business

You can delegate anything in your business, however your best bet is to delegate tasks that you don’t need to do yourself. These tasks take up valuable time and there’s probably someone out there who can do it faster (and even better) than you:

Invoicing and Expenses

While it might make you nervous to let someone else poke around your finances, chances are you aren’t paying enough attention to them. If you’re looking for one of the best examples of effective delegation in business, then look no further than your finances.

Both invoicing and classifying expenses are time consuming tasks, and if you’re anything like me they kind of fall to the wayside until once a quarter you realize you haven’t done anything. But you can get a head start (and some well-organized finances) by investing in the best invoicing software or even having someone help you out for a few hours a month (or both!).

Late Payment Collection

You can argue that this should be included in the same task as invoicing and expenses, but I want to single it out because so many new entrepreneurs let these slide. The further a payment goes unpaid, the less likely it’ll end up being paid. 

Because entrepreneurs tend to be concerned about burning bridges with clients (who I should point out are not paying them) they’re nervous to bug them about payment. Which is why this is one of my favourite examples of effective delegation in business. 

Social Media Scheduling

If you work online and even if you work online, chances are you know that you need to do some social media marketing. But, take it from an expert in the subject (that’s me), it can be SO TEDIOUS to do. 

I can easily spend four or five hours a week working on Pinterest alone, which means all of my other social media channels just get left to the wayside. And while I know someone one out there is going to get mad at me saying this, you don’t have to be an expert to put up a few posts.

Administrative Tasks

Finally, another great example of effective delegation in business is your standard administrative tasks. These are super easy to give to someone else, they take up a ton of time and will make your life easier. 

Do you have any great go-to examples of effective delegation in business? 

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