I Think Blogging is the Best Place to Start: Here’s Why

I LOVE blogging. Running a blog is one of my favorite things that I do, and I think it’s one of the best places for every small business owner to start—especially if you’re still getting clear on a few things about your business.

Now, blogging is no walk in the park. But it’s not hard either. There are plenty of resources out there that will help you run your blog and it’s really technically easy. But blogging is one of the best places for new entrepreneurs to start, and here’s why:

The Entry Bar is Low

Literally anyone with internet access can start a blog. While you need a little cash to purchase your domain name and hosting, we’re talking start-up costs of maybe $100 (I’m being really generous here) and a yearly cost of less than $200 if you’re running a basic shop. 

You do not need a lot of money or resources to start a blog. You are looking at having a few dollars on hand and time to get started. And, when it comes to time, your blog can take as much or as little as you have.

It’s a Great Way to Learn

If you start out treating your blog as a business, it can be a really great way to learn about running a business. Everything from finances, planning a business, growing with an audience and making an income can be learned from blogging. 

It all starts with your blog business plan and grows from there. Practice building and running a content calendar. Grow your social media and email list. Then look for ways to monetize your blog. Any aspect of business planning can be learned from blogging.

You Can Build Something Now

Many new business owners get lost in the planning of everything. Making things look perfect, figuring out how much money you might be able to make or waiting until everything is exactly perfect. 

But starting a blog right now means you can start growing something. You can deal with the perfecting part later. Blogs, like business, grow along with you. But for some reason, I find that it’s easier to start a blog and just roll with it than it is to get started with a business. 

You’ll Have an Audience

Being a successful business owner, especially in the online world, is all about growing an engaged audience. Most people start well after they need an audience to start building one because they’re waiting until they have something

But starting a blog right now is a quick way to jump-start that audience building. Therefore when you have something “perfect” and you’re ready to start growing and raking in the cash, you have an audience there that’s itching to buy something from you. 

Did you start your business with a blog? Share your tips and tricks below!

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