5 Thriving Businesses Due To COVID-19

COVID-19 hasn’t been bad for every business out there. While most of our industries have considerably slowed or even fully stopped, there are a few thriving businesses that have really come into their element with the world at home. 

From streaming services and entertainment companies to businesses that help us connect with our colleagues, clients, friends, and families, there are a ton of business that are really thriving due to COVID-19

Streaming Services

Let’s be honest, when it comes to COVID-19, streaming services are coming out on top. What else are we all supposed to do when we’re stuck at home but watch countless hours of TV on the couch, no contact needed…

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other streaming services are raking in the memberships (where they didn’t exist before) and seeing increased viewing time. Shows like Tiger King are making the internet rounds. Heck, even I signed up for Apple+ just so I could watch Chris Evans in Defending Jacob.

If there’s one industry that’s doing alright right now, it’s the streaming industry. That said, they’re not doing so well on the content creation side with film and television sets being shut down for the time being. This could possibly leave a lag in their new content in future times, but time will tell. 

Remote Business Apps

A few weeks ago when the world effectively shut down, any business that possibly could went online. But most businesses weren’t set up for online operations, so they started searching for anything and everything that can help them connect with both their workers and customers.

Zoom is a great example of this. They jumped on the remote bandwagon right away and it’s seriously paid off. According to CNBC, Zoom added 2.2 million new members so far which is amazing considering last year they only had 1.99 million members in the whole year.

Companies that help other companies get and connect online have done some seriously awesome work during COVID-1, and as such they’re truly thriving businesses. 

Delivery Services

We’ve relied on delivery services like never seen before. While these jobs are typically seen as less-than or just side gigs, however, they’ve really come out as the MVPs of COVID-19. 

Depending on where you are and how much delivery access you have, apps like Instacart, DoorDash, and Uber Eats are seeing more and more users access their services. When you can’t go out, it sure helps when someone can bring stuff to you!

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services have become more and more important as COVID-19 has set in. We know that to slow the spread, we need to be careful and keep everything clean and in tip-top shape

Cleaning services, especially when it comes to businesses that are still operating and seeing customers, are thriving. But even in residential cleaning, it’s become more and more important to bring professionals in to do good work.

Game Making Companies

Entertainment is becoming increasingly important—in fact, I think it’s something that we often write off without realizing that it plays a necessary role in our lives. In the same vein as streaming services, game making companies have become thriving businesses due to COVID-19. 

And when we talk about game companies, we include both those that create physical products like board games (especially ones that can be played by one or two people) along with electronic companies, like House Party, that allow people to connect and play with friends, even from a distance. 

COVID-19 hasn’t been bad for all companies, what thriving businesses have you come across? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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