Why I Only Work Remotely

Much of the world is getting a taste of remote working life. I’ve been pro remote working since I worked in the corporate world and had an opportunity to work from home a few days a week—it was glorious. 

Not only did working from home give me the opportunity to spend time with my cute little dog, it also gave me an opportunity to create the lifestyle that I really wanted. I love working remotely so much that I’ve decided that I will never be confined to an office again, here’s why I will only work remotely:

It Saves Money

For most of us, not having to commute to work saves a ton of money. You not have to pay for gas, parking or transit. All of which can get really pricey depending on how often you have to go and what city you live in. 

You are also WAY more likely to make food at home which is not only healthier but also saves SO MUCH money. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any money saving opportunity that I can. 

It Saves Time

Yes, not only do you save money working from home but you also save SO MUCH time. Without the commute when you’re done with your work day, you’re done. There’s no need to tack on any more time to commute. 

It Gives Me More Control

Now I know that not everyone is like me where you can do pretty much whatever you want when you want to. But working from home regardless of whether you clock in and out at a specific time or you get to work when it works best for you still has some great flexibility. 

Not only do you feel free because you don’t have anyone peeking over your shoulder or checking up on you. But you can also take a tad bit more flexibility with your break times and what you can do (like go for a walk or make yourself a homemade sandwich). Not to mention you can also take a quick five minutes to play with the puppy too. 

I Can Work In My Comfy Clothes

Clothes don’t get enough credit when it comes to comfort. Seriously, they make a HUGE difference. At the end of the day, I want to both be comfy and appear professional. Getting dressed and ready is crucial for a productive day working from home. But being dressed doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable and uber professional. 

While I am not advocating for you to wear your PJs every day, I do love wearing something comfy. Instead of wearing a pencil skirt or a pair of fancy dress pants, I advocate for a comfy-yet-comfortable ponte pant which combines the look of dress pants with the comfort of joggers. 

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