How I Get More Clients Faster

There is really no fool-proof way to get higher-paying clients faster that is guaranteed to work, but there are things that you can do that will make your changes more likely and the overall process faster. And my number one piece of advice is to get specific. 

Find The Right Clients (Or Jobs)

One of the problems that people looking for new clients or in some cases jobs is that they’ll take anyone because most of the time when we’re looking for something like that, it’s because we need it. But you won’t find anything good for going after everything out there. You’ll find gold when you’re specific about what kind of work you want and who you want to do it for.

If you are looking for jobs… Most of us start out on a “job-search style” technique where we find people looking for contracts with whatever you do, be it graphic designer, writer or otherwise, and we simply apply for those jobs.

If you are looking for clients… Most of us email anyone within our vicinity. Make sure you take the time to build a client avatar and seek those specific clients out. Don’t just ask anyone!

Do Your Research

I know that it seems a lot to “waste” time on applications or proposals that might not come through, but truthfully, you won’t get anything good out of them if you don’t. If you’re using generic proposals or a resume and cover letter combo, people can tell. And, if they’re anything like me, they’ll press delete instead of reply. Do your research, waste less time. 

If you are looking for jobs… Make sure that you read the ENTIRE job posting and research the company itself. There is nothing worse than getting a job application or proposal from someone who knows nothing about you and didn’t bother taking the time to see what you were all about. 

If you are looking for clients… Make sure you fully research a client before you propose a service for them. Then, make sure what you offer is something that they actually need. Unhappy clients mean bad reviews and no referrals. That’s not a great recipe for success.

Be Specific About What You Offer

You simply cannot offer everything, so before you start reaching out to clients make sure you know what you offer and figure out how you’re going to sell it best. Make sure it’s clear and compelling so you can get the best clients. 

If you are looking for jobs… While it’s OK to fib just a little bit on a job application (who doesn’t), don’t tell a potential client or business that you can do something that you clearly can’t. It won’t result in great work, a recommendation or future work. When companies hire contractors, they need something specific. 

If you are looking for clients… Make sure you’re clear about what you offer and exactly what that offer includes. Before you get started on anything, make sure that you sign a contract so that you have something to reference. 

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