Free Online Tools To Use For COVID-19 Business Relief

COVID-19 has businesses everywhere scrambling to catch up. They’re trying to move their stuff online (in some cases they’re barely making it work) and they really have no idea what they’re doing. Thankfully, there are some amazing apps out there that now act as COVID-19 Business Relief. 


Zoom is fast becoming everyone’s favorite video conferencing tool. It managed to get itself above the fold when it came to COVID-19. Swooping in and helping businesses, families, and friends connect with each other while on social distancing. 

While there are some security concerns with Zoom (that it says it is currently working to fix), it is incredibly easy to use. It has also offered free conferencing and great how-to resources. If you’re not video-conferencing on Zoom, you might want to consider it.


Hootsuite is providing free access to its premium features to small businesses and nonprofits so they can connect with their audiences better until July 1. This means that you can do a great job of scheduling your social media content for the next few months when it really counts. 


PayPal has opened up its instant transfer service and is now instantly transferring the money in your account directly to your bank account in minutes… for free. Typically this service costs a percentage of the money, but it has decided to waive the fee until the end of the month to help you access money quickly.

However, I will add a word of warning that in my experience with the “instant” transfer, it’s not so instant. It typically takes my bank account about 24-to-48 hours to receive the money. I’ve actually received the regular three-to-five day deposits faster than some of the instant transfers. 


Evernote has always had a free plan and if you’re struggling to find somewhere to drop all of your sticky notes, then Evernote is the answer. It’s a great little online note and word-like app for you to store everything from meeting notes and your to-do list, to your never-ending ideas.


Zoho is giving everyone free access to Zoho Remotely services until July 1. Including a collection of apps from its Work Drive and Projects to its Cliq chat and presentation capabilities. 

This is great for teams suddenly transitioning to remote that need something to simply get their feet firmly planted on the remote working ground. It’s a nice little suite of projects that can help you connect better.


Calendly has moved a number of its premium-only services to its free plan until June 30 for those going remote. These premium services include Zoom and GoToMeeting integrations to help make things easier for you to book meetings and have them “face-to-face.” 

What are your favorite programs for COVID-19 Business Relief? Share them in the comments below!

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