How Can A Business Benefit From Blue Sky Thinking

There are so many buzzwords in the business world and blue sky thinking is no exception. This fancy-sounding business practise is a particular way that teams can brainstorm their next great idea, big project or small team assignment. It’s a great way to connect with your team and pick their brains for where you should head to next. So, let’s talk about the different benefits you can get from having a session or two.

What is Blue Sky Thinking?

Blue sky thinking is a brainstorming session where you go all out. There are no limits, no rules. You simply brainstorm as big and impossible as you can. Within this type of brainstorming session, there is no idea that is too big or too small for your group, everything and anything goes.

Does this sound ridiculous to you? It shouldn’t. There are a ton of amazing benefits that you and your business can get from implementing a blue sky session or two in your business schedule.

Benefits of Blue Sky Thinking

Bolster Creativity

Creativity is important to business, but sometimes we get so long in all of the systems and processes that we don’t have energy left for creativity. That’s where blue sky thinking comes in. It can help stimulate creativity within your team by allowing people to think as far out as they can get. By getting rid of the confines of realism, true creativity can spark and grow. Who knows what amazing things your team will come up with.

Get Your Team on the Same Page

It might feel like a contradiction to say that while you’re thinking wild and out there, you’re actually getting your team on the same page but it’s true. Blue sky thinking sessions can help you figure out where the minds of your team members are and figure out where you all overlap (and where you might need to adjust). It can help reveal a great end goal that everyone is passionate about or even come up with something that you’d never thought about before but would be amazing for your team.

Unveil a Great Idea

While it’s hard to predict when your next good idea is going to come, blue sky thinking sure does help. While this type of brainstorming is all about thinking big and bold, it can also help come up with amazing ideas set very much in reality. By bouncing ideas off of each other and using someone else’s creativity to stimulate your own, you can come up with some seriously amazing ideas. Better yet, some of those you can actually do!

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