Valuable Data: How to Make the Most of Customer Feedback

Many businesses underestimate how vital customer feedback can be. After all, for every complaint that is published online, approximately 26 other customers feel the same way but never say anything. Customer feedback is invaluable for the entire company, not just the success and support team. That means that business owners and managers can’t let this feedback start collecting dust in the abyss of their inboxes, notes, or support tickets. Keep reading to learn more about customer feedback and how to make the most of it here.

Organize the Feedback in a Central Location

Today, customer feedback can come from an array of sources. For example, it could come from beauty product focus groups, customer emails, sales calls, NPS comments, reports, PDF files, and so many other sources. To make the most of all this information, put it in a single location that the entire team has access to. Make sure access is not limited to the customer success or support team.

Take Notes of Feedback Given During Demos or Sales Calls 

When most people begin thinking about customer feedback, they will usually default to their current customers. While this is important, it’s also important to collect feedback actively from all prospects. This feedback can be a gold mine, as it is completely unfiltered, and it comes from a person who is just now learning about the product or service. Be sure to train the sales personnel to listen and to ask for feedback.

Use Graphs and Charts to Back up the Feedback and Tell a Story

It’s estimated that of the total population, 65 percent are considered visual learners. With this in mind, it makes sense that graphs and charts outlining customer feedback can be a great resource. Also, with these visual aids, it will be easier to spot any trends in feedback and to make the most of the information provided.

Share Customer Stories

Another option to make the most of customer feedback is by turning it into actual customer stories. This doesn’t have to be made up of paragraphs on a page, though. Instead, take a more creative approach. For example, create a slideshow presentation for the company to share or capture direct quotes and share them with the internal knowledge base. It’s also a good idea to make videos or PDFs that feature the feedback that has been provided. It’s possible to take this step to another level by linking the stories to specific customer personas.

Create Specific Goals for Every Department Based on Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is often ignored by departments that don’t interact with customers every day. An effective way to prevent this from happening is by holding each department accountable. This includes everyone from sales and marketing to support, engineering, and more. This is possible to try a single department-wide metric for customer feedback.

Making the Most of Customer Feedback

When it comes to customer feedback, there are several steps that a business and the managers can take to help make the most of the feedback received or provided by current and prospective customers. Be sure to keep the information and tips here in mind to ensure that the results desired are achieved, and that actionable steps are taken to meet the needs of the feedback that is provided. Being informed and knowing what to do is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved.