Learning About Money With the Top Money Board Games

Learning about money can be a bit of a challenge whether you’re seven or 37—but one of the best lessons I’ve learned in life is if you want to learn about something, make it fun. But how can you make learning about money fun? By using the best money board games!


Monopoly is by-far my top pick for best money board games. Not only is it a classic money game, but it talks about the ins and outs of spending money to purchase things. It also covers topics like debt, income, and taxes.

Monopoly also has a bank, which is a pretty important topic for those of us (or your kids) who want to explore money topics on borrowing and paying back debts. Not to mention it’s simply a ton of fun.

For under $20, you can be having fun and learning about money at the same time. And if you have a little extra real cash to spend then you can get the electronic version and use real fake credit cards!

Pay Day

Pay Day is one of the best money board games because it actually simulates personal money management. Players not only collect their monthly paycheck (as evidenced by the name of the game) but they accumulate bills and expenses that need to be paid.

If your goal is to learn or teach personal money management, then Pay Day is your game. While this game was created in 1975, it’s still relevant today. And if you want to win the game you need to manage your money the best (and have the most money).

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is another one of my favorite board games that talks about money. Not only is this one of the best money board games, but it also discusses life in general. 

Players of The Game of Life go through the game making life choices like what job to pick, whether to attend university and what paths to take overall. It not only covers managing your money by having players collect salaries and pay expenses but discusses life decisions.

If you want to play The Game of Life but have no one else to play with, you can find an app version that you can play on your phone or tablet… I might have played once or twice before.

Charge Large

In Charge Large, players manage debts and assets to win the game. Your overall goal is to accumulate $2,500 and upgrade to the “Black Card” without having any debt. 

If your money learning goals include debt and assets, then Charge Large might be one of the best money board games for you. It teaches players how to figure out how much to borrow and when, if you can’t pay off your debts than you’re out of the game!

What do you think are the best money board games? Share in the comments below!

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