Building Your Brand with Digital Marketing

With the central role that the internet plays in modern life, digital marketing has become a key part of reaching out to potential customers and growing a business. Small businesses, though, often struggle with establishing their brand at first; many startups fall flat in their early days partially because of this. To make that first step easier, take these tips into account when working to build your brand online.

Start with a Strategy

A common pitfall is taking a scattershot approach to marketing, trying as many tactics and channels as possible in hopes something sticks. Lacking focus—focus on a message, a target audience, a social media platform, etc.—and trying to jump right into the thick of it without a solid strategy spells doom for startups. Take the time to identify a goal and outline a way to reach it.

Listen to Consultants

Don’t be afraid to reach out for advice or a second opinion; as with many things in business, you can’t be expected to be an expert in digital marketing on top of everything else you manage. Look to what others in the marketing field have to say—people like Neil Patel, Eyal Gutentag and Matthew Barby—or hire a consultant to personally work with your business. Keep in mind as you research successful strategies, though, that times change and what works for one business isn’t guaranteed for all others.

Develop the User Experience

Your website is ultimately where you want potential clients to go, so you need to optimize it just as much as your marketing. Give users a website with the information and tools they need and an interface that’s functional and intuitive. In particular, consider that users increasingly browse the internet on mobile devices and build your website—or a mobile alternative—with that in mind.

Ultimately, digital marketing is a long-term project, and that can be daunting when you’re just starting out. It’s not impossible, though, and taking a thoughtful approach is bound to help you in the long run.