10 Common Electrical Problems That’s Costing You A Fortune

When it comes to electrical components, your safety must be a top priority. Such electrical problems like busted lights, high electric bills, and damaged appliances can all be a factor. They may cause a higher risk to your electrical circuit if not attended immediately. Here are ten common problems we encounter with electrical issues that were costing you a fortune.

  1.   Electrical Surge

Electrical Surge or oversupply voltage usually occurs during power fluctuation caused by damage power lines, defective appliances, and faulty wiring installation. Although an actual surge lasts for only microseconds, frequent surges can damage the electrical appliances significantly, degrading their life expectancy.

  1.   Circuit Breaker Tripped Oftenly

A circuit breaker is a safety switch that trips when it senses a current that is above its working threshold. It merely protects your home. However, if this switch is not working correctly, it may lead to a severe electrical problem like a fire. To prevent this incident from happening in the future, make sure to conduct preventive maintenance on your electrical equipment at least once a year.

  1.   Voltage Sags and Dips

Voltage sags are caused by a sudden increase in loads such as short-circuit, motor start-up, or electric heaters being turned on. These incidents can instantly damage your appliances. However, with the use of resistors, it merely reduces the current flow of power by distributing the voltages equally to other elements. 

  1.   Electrical Circuit Overload

One of the most common power failures of a circuit breaker is the overload of an electrical circuit. It happens when a circuit breaker exceeds the maximum design limit due to different appliances that connected to it. To prevent this incident from happening, we must be responsible for how you connect devices around your property, what’s in use, and what is unnecessary.

  1.   Light Switch Now Working Efficiently

A burnt fuse or a circuit breaker that trip may cause problems in your light switch. If this thing happens, there might be a more severe problem in your electrical circuit. Contact an electrician immediately to test the credibility of the electrical components.

  1.   Uneven Supply Distribution of Lights

If some lights around your property seem to be bright while the others are dim, there is a possibility that the quality of the neutral connection is inferior. The professionals must correctly do this work.

  1.   Electrical Shocks

Typically happen when you turn an appliance on or off. The problem may arise from the device itself or maybe from a loose wiring connection. In most cases, consult a professional electrician perform this task.


  1.   Faulty Wiring

Another electrical issue that is common to our household is the faulty or substandard wiring connection. The most common examples are the old wire installation. Make sure to check the life expectancy of its wires and replaced them immediately by new ones to eliminate further damage to your property and appliances. 

  1.   Light Bulbs Damage Too Often

One of the main reasons why light can be burned out often it’s because of mismatch power wattage. Another is caused by bad wiring on the circuit, and insulation is too close to the light.

  1.   Motion Sensor Lights Not Working Accurately

Motion sensor lights working in a simple principle. If it senses an action, it will automatically light on, if there is no movement, it will shut down. Sometimes, the motion sensor is damaged and, therefore, not performing accurately.

Contact a professional electrician if these electrical problems arise in your property. They will help you to diagnose the issues related to electrical issues. Remember, your safety must be our top priority.