How to Prepare your Property for the Winter

The winter season can cause a severe concern for your rental property if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. Performing regular maintenance steps can help keep everything running correctly at your property.

Below are some ways you can prepare your property for the winter.

  •       Have your boilers and furnace serviced

Before the start of the summer season, get your heating unit at your rental property serviced so that it is in good working condition during the winter season. You may clean the boiler yourself if you know how to do it, or you can hire a professional who will service the boiler or furnace for you. Some areas require you to register, who will be responsible for maintaining the boiler.

Excellent access to heating devices during winter is a fundamental right of all tenants under landlord-tenant law. That’s why you need to provide your tenants with a properly working heating device. 

  •       Check the seals on your doors and windows

If your windows and doors are drafty, they can increase heating bills, which is something you nor your tenants want. You may want to inspect both the interior and exterior of all windows and doors. Check each frame for any visible holes or deteriorating caulk. Check for any loose or damaged weather stripping. You may want to re-caulk your deteriorating caulk and replace any damaged weather stripping. 

You may also add door sweeps on the bottom of the entrance doors. You can choose from temporary ones or permanent ones depending on your choice and budget. 

  •       Check the Insulation

Another way to reduce heating bills is to make sure the property is adequately insulated. Check the insulation in attics, basements, or other areas in your property. Proper insulation around the pipes is also a big help to prevent them from freezing during winter. 

  •       Create a Plan for Snow Removal

Stock up on salt at the beginning of the season, so you have enough for the entire winter season. You should not run out of salt and have ice buildup on your property because it is your responsibility when slip and fall injuries occur.

Then, you need to decide who will remove the snow at your property. It can either be you, the tenant, or a professional snow removal company. Check with your local municipality to determine the duration you have after the snowfall ends to get your sidewalks clean. There is a town that gives twelve hours, while others will provide you with more than a day.

  •       Check the trees around your property

Heavy snow and ice and potentially take down tree limbs or cause entire trees to fall. A cubic foot of snow weighs between 15 to 20 pounds. An inch-thick square foot of ice weighs about five pounds. This weight is the reason why branches and trees fall during winter storms.

For the safety of your tenants and your property, check all trees around your property. You can also hire a professional to do so. Look for any branches that could potentially fall onto your property, your neighbor’s property, or onto parked cars. Rotted trees could quickly come down during the winter season. These trees need to be taken down immediately.

These are some of the basic things you can do to get your rental properties ready for winter. If you need a professional property management company to handle all your winter-related concerns, you may check Old Town San Diego Property Management.