Cyber Indemnity Solutions: Providing Cyber Risk Services

Cyber Indemnity Solutions

Cyber Indemnity Solutions is an Australian insurtech start-up that provides cyber risk solutions. Using innovative products, including Digital Asset protection insurance, cyber insurance claims management, cyber threat services and cyber risk consulting, to provide their clients with top-of-the-line cyber consult and services.

Cyber security seems like a business buzz word, something that people say in the business world but don’t really understand. But it really is an important topic that every business big and small should have on their mind.

Cyber Security in the Online Business World

As the world becomes more connected, topics like cyber risk become an increasingly important topic of conversation. That’s where companies like Cyber Indemnity Solutions come in. 

If you’re operating a business in cyberspace (aka on the internet) then cyber risk is something that should probably be on your mind. With all of the customer and client data that needs to be kept safe, insuring and protecting yourself and your company against possible attacks is definitely a good idea.

Plus, cyber security is essential to your online small businesses future growth. If you want to expand your company’s client base and operations, ensuring your data is secure should be part of that plan.

Do You Need the Services of a Company Like Cyber Indemnity Solutions?

Cyber Indemnity Solutions is based in Australia which has its own Cyber Security Strategy that’s aimed at meeting the challenges of the digital age. Which is why companies like CIS exist.

Australia isn’t the only country that is putting cyber-related activity on their radar, both Canada and the United Kingdom have recently implemented legislation regarding data protection, specifically when it comes to email and spam. 

They provide a services for mid-to-larger companies that require a bigger cyber security strategy. Whether or not you need to work with a company like them depends highly on your type of business and how much data and online work you do. 

While I’m no cyber security expert, if you do think you need to make a bigger cyber strategy for your business, it’s best to contact an expert company and consult with them.

Getting Cyber Security on Your Radar

If you haven’t been thinking about cyber security, there’s no time like today to start. In my experience, the amount of thought you have to put into cyber security depends on both the size and type of your business.

As a freelance writer and marketing consultant, my need for cyber security and risk management is relatively low. While I do protect my client’s data and information, and I do my billing through online services, but I don’t have databanks of information.

Working with a group like Cyber Indemnity Solutions is a bit extreme for me, not to mention a bit out of my budget. But if you work with a large amount of data, you might want to consider something a bit bigger.

What is your best cyber security advice? Share it in the comments below!

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