Trade Show Displays

Did you know that modern architecture believes in adding one or more unique features to accentuate a home or an office? Besides meeting the holistic needs of your psyche, it also strengthens and energizes the owner. As a home/lifestyle service provider, your work is to use the most appropriate marketing strategies to reach your end client. One of the best ways to achieve this is by hiring a trade show display expert.

If you are planning to register with Expomarketing as a home/lifestyle service provider, the following tips will see you through a successful trade show:

Make your trade show booth stand out

Typical trade show displays often include a tablecloth which is provided by the company. You will get one that represents your company’s image and color scheme. In some instances, you may fail to get one that matches your company’s image, which is why you are advised to bring your own.

When you choose Expomarketing as your trade show assistant, you will receive the glit of blue LED lighting and wide curves to suggest the feel of home/lifestyle energy. You can also use large scale graphics and client models to make your intentions known. Your attendees should be able to view the impressive design up close. ExpoMarketing will streamline the process to bring a world-class booth, bringing all the elements together.

Use a presentation board

A classroom-like session is a perfect way to enlighten your attendees on the modern styles and the specific niche you specialize in. A trade show display space will allow you to install a stand-alone presentation board. Use the opportunity to show your clients through your services. Do not be boring; use catchy phrases and pictures to keep them glued until the final presentation.

Use videos or slide shows to keep your audience focused

A video or slide presentation is a perfect way to display services and how you are going to conduct business. If you are going to use one of Expomarketing’s TV monitors, the better for you. Our team will provide you with various stands and rack for mounting flat screens during the trade fair. You should rent or borrow the equipment at least a week before the material day if you do not own one.

Advertise your booth on social media

Did you know that social media platforms account for 60% of potential clients? Besides joining pages for fun, they get to learn more about events such as this through the same platform. Your job is to inform them of the types of services you offer and why they should attend the trade show. If you have not signed up on social media, then you can start doing so immediately.

Offer giveaways

Clients will take you seriously if you have giveaways to offer. They may include business cards, brochures, pens, key holders, bracelets, or anything that can be customized to display your company’s name and logo. Most people attending the shows expect to walk away with some giveaways. Be one of those kind people and offer one or two freebies. The chances of attracting new clients through this initiative are quite high.

Welcome your visitors with a call-to-action

Always give a warm welcome to anyone who turns and looks toward your trade booth. Strike up a conversation and give a short introductory speech. Initiate a call-to-action at the end of the conversation by offering your website information and other contact details.